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Of all time with fourteen for our teen sized apostle is how are you. I'm great. I'm happy to be here and i'm excited to talk news every week and i've got a new microphone so this one's shouldn't zonked out on me when i accidentally touch it here in. It's pretty. It's see how it's all murdered out all black where i used to have the old one like. Danny's got over there So yeah hygiene mike danny. And let's see one week from yesterday so next monday. Gonna be in gilbert arizona playing pickle ball at gilbert regional park in the evening. Yeah and anyone who was in the area who wants to stop by and get pictures and say hi or maybe get some free feel aguirre or whatever. I'll be over there so come say hi and if you need more info download the pickle play app it's free and every download helps me a little bit in that the more downloads. The better. what kind of gear or are we talking. I have some fella hats ya not. This exact one but similar pickle ball hats. I have some wrist. Bands sweatpants respense bands terry cloth sweat-bands and you throw wristbands and anti weapons. Danny say that again. Do you prefer wristbands over. Sweatpants needs to advance. I wear gloves has so much that i can't have it. Flying off of me. Like a sprinkler system. So i i have to where these were mounted by gloves. When i run i could wear the sweat bands though terry cloth wristbands swimming things those would help your hands. Get so sweaty. The sweat on my hands everything about like shoulders arms armpit. All drains out the paint. And you have to wear gloves. You would be shooting liquid everywhere. It sounds gross. Rob but very so you're like a evil of villain of like the a superpower superpower is spreading my liquid everywhere. Yeah yeah so. I could use probably two or three bed then maybe even really cool to you could fill one up with sweat and squeeze it back into your mouth or get all those electoral back and you can reuse et cetera. You can but you wouldn't want to unless you're talking like a dune style apparatus where it filters everything out and just gives you like the most perfect hydration speaking of june already use. Danny oh danny bryson perspire on this. Is danny him here to talk about june. How i've heard about the release now for so long. I no longer care about dude insane with bond. You know what. I've heard about bond and they've talked about the release. Sometimes i no longer care. James bond most recent movie. There's a new bond. there's a new james bond movie. Yeah the one that they've been teasing for a year and a half now. is there. no it's got daniel craig last stint as bond burn anyway. Yeah who cares right. It's been going on. It's been teased now.

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