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The next edition, but besides that I don't know feels really. We're here with so cal val wanted a great personalities of all time in pro wrestling, and of course wanted to greatest women's wrestler Hell wanted to greatest wrestlers period with Mickie James got more with women wrestling. When we continue right year I'm busted open. The wait is finally over. Basketball is back back. Twenty two teams a magical twenty. Two are heading down to Orlando man to find a way to build this to come to an agreement. I think it amazing job by the. cooperage of the return of basketball, including expert, analysis and play by play tunes, the NBA Radio Sirius to eighty seven exit, eighty six, and listen at home with Amazon Alexa. Who will assist in or however you streaming the house? A woman's place is in the squared circle. This bust dope in some women and wrestling special on Sirius Xm nation. Welcome back to women in wrestling so pleased to have so cow, vow Valerie Wyndham, and of course mickie James and were talking a lot about their new youtube. Show the God TV a grown ass, women, thank you guys for for giving us the time today. We're having a lot of fun. I appreciate it. I know personally that this show will be successful because I have never met. Two more determined. Women Victoria just hanging on for a paycheck, but these two vow mickie James. They are so determined in. Anything that they usually do is is has become successful so I have no doubt that this venture will be success because they're their own bosses piling piloting their own ship, but val. You gave me permission to tell the story Mickey dozen. No it so I'm GONNA. Tell this story that I didn't even remember so excited. Of A. Banned from wwe for a little bit. BITs was wrestlemainia. Los Angeles. I'm working in the office and we had just had a lovely incident of one rhinoceros throwing giants flower pot. At one John Laura Knight who's the head of talent relations. There was a lot of chaos going on. The biggest under story of this entire thing this the Wrestlemainia coast party where it's you know it's a lot of security hobnobbing to get in. And we just had an altercation with a talent and a boss, and which led to later rhinos getting fired but This was going to be the first time that one this small rookie. dwayne Johnson and Vincent Man we're going to talk. They had a falling out and they were had a separate meeting that this. They're going to meet at the WRESTLEMAINIA. Post Party and me working in tower relations. Very few people know about what's going to go on so me. The Stooge Mark Carreno John Laura Nitis. We all have to set like this little patio area with security everywhere. It was like the FBI getting ready and Vince GonNa finally sit down with the Rock and they've been fighting over his name at their first meeting in a long time. So I've never forget the limousine over up to Wayne Johnson. The rocks stepping out people are seeing him and Vince is getting ready out of nowhere. This tough enough there hawke who was his name. I believe Yup and one so cal Valerie sneak through, and you're just oblivious. You literally were oblivious this whole situation. You sneak through this backstage like patio area, which was just kind of like it was open, but we had security everywhere, and this guy goes right up to bids. As rock is approaching and like havens like this is where he feels. It's his moment to shine on. Vince McMahon again or whatever trying to get a job. And he introduced themselves at you. As rock is like approaching, and it was like me and Khurana, Johnny had act like FBI and quickly. Okay, you guys got gotta go. You are just totally oblivious to the whole thing. But then you were Pana banned for quite some time for wwe, because of an eye adroit like that. What was your boyfriend all this stuff? And he was later. I about seventeen. I think because I didn't know him very well. It was we were at Wrestlemainia and it was myself. I knew we were there with many promoter and myself, and was another another girl that was a ring, Girl and DNA. There ever was wrong place wrong time. Yeah, or valley, dear the headlights. Explains my entire. WWe sensors in the first place, just sorta weirdness always like walking on eggshells like this person giving me you know it's been a weird thing with them and I remember because I didn't know Hawker while, but he's quite a character. He's the first person I ever saw talking to himself outside of the show. Go over something, but he just, and he's a sweetheart, but he's just very very eccentric as As the word I would use for him and kind of in the lobby and bringing his area. was there who I'd done? A couple of shows with you know in in California I. Don't think I seen in wrestling more than a year done some shows, and that's it and yeah. I remember that weird situation, but I tell you I'm not kidding. There's been so many I wish we had more time. There's so many. Of these stories of like I was just on the day that somebody said well. What was your experience? After impact wrestling at all? There was a time where they told me a mass as Adam rose's. What do you call it Rosebud? Stir Brownies, and because we heard you're on a show on impact wrestling were we don't know what that is when it was and you have to wear this mask, so no one knows it's you know, but we don't know the show. Because in that, we don't watch impact. There's been some weird. WWE tackiness in my weird career I'm telling you Mickey Maybe WanNa this show when you're talking about so cal val. Twenty years ago came into a Pari idea. Do. Vincent actually love you because you're so I think because you're brilliant and you're smart and you're Intel. You know what I mean. I think that he would if he actually bet you had actually really love you with. Huge Stephanie Mark like she no. We're story I won't get into the whole thing, but it is hilarious and we're all friends here, but one last time I was there, I introduced myself as they were like, she almost ran into me and triple H. Thank you so much for having me doing extra work and I left I. Just thank you for having me and I left. In I was later pulled aside and said Oh. You're not supposed to say, thank you. Look just awful, so yeah I haven't had. Back that was the last experience and I thought. I love her. I loved her belaid. I'm not I didn't say hi I'm someone who I doing extra work. This was like two thousand and thirteen Ordine, and yeah, it's been a weird control jets, but a weird wacky wwe experience for me. Awkward Sick left and right. Mickey! You got to do like I do. When I tell people I know bubba. I'd be like Oh. Yeah, we're kind of like. Other. vowel heat. Heat. Heat for years Oh. Yeah, he's all right. Mickey Got Balki. And obviously what Micky said I could totally see events and Stephanie. Being a I've never known either of them to be not nice when it comes to like outside of business, but I could totally see Vince being like that with you and I think it was more just because of you know Johnny, trying to be keeping his job and you know how dare someone interrupt. The perfect and The Rock down..

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