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Throw line has not been good to the Trojans here tonight. But they can make up for it and the clutch with 4 45 left on a talking going on. As to Sean Jackson is Being forced to go to the Washington state bench. Maybe some blood for Jackson to trainers looking at. I think he has some blood on his jersey. And then he's going to take that jersey off. They want to make sure Jackson's on the court He's been their best player here tonight. Ineffectively Isis, the free throw shooter. As Jackson changes jerseys and now where 44 Without a name on the back, so they just keep extra jerseys on the bench for these exact situations. Now Evan will go to the line and shoot the two free throws. First one is good. So no ice there for Mobley except the ice running through his veins. Jackson was subbed out. Like Markovitz Keys. Come in. Second one for Evan is also good big time shots from Evan Mobley, and now Jackson can come back into the game to the two made free throws. And so he doesn't miss any time. Azam Mobley will pick him up as the man to man matchup Sean Jackson has had his way with Evan Mobley. So, USC by four now 65 61. It was just Game's been grinding to a halt here and the referee's again are Stopping things again. The infield was wondering why Jackson is able to sub in when he came out and came back in without any play happening, but Yeah. Officials have told him it's fine. And so now we'll be Washington State basketball. Bones. Children's in a man to man Taj. He picks up Ryan rap trying to pressure the basketball. Montagne fell down and has stayed down for Washington state. He's sitting in the lane. Should be three seconds Andy Enfield screaming that from the USC bench. I don't know what happened. The officials eventually blow the whistle. Don't know of Washington State called a time out, they did. Montagne is up and limping a little bit. If he's just sitting in the key. That's gotta be a three second violation on Isaac Montagne. And I think it was just such a weird play. The officials didn't notice it. Yeah, He just slipped. Ethan Anderson didn't touch him. He just slipped and rolled his left ankle. And then took a nap. In the late.

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