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I think i made the decision. To be honest. they're muslim was minimum awam about was unto focus on him But to say now we coming up to sixteen and disappointing. Emma let me just tell you actually hop is planning my head of You know the What she said about the That's been settled the clubby manchester and light. I wanna go along to one of them. Wanna go on to the vet. I'm howdy all kinds of settled in my head. How i was going to go along to that and then break it to another way. I don't note madam making sentence here. But it was almost like a made Twenty-nine nine teen hours like a wanted to sa- say somethin'. What it just. I think with all this going on. I did yeah. Let's so you get up to go to you first lesbian night then and it just didn't happen and then a console and i was doing. Oh no what did really got it. I know into really obvious online. Dayton over aspire people face to face. i want you to be out there on the scene. This is the world's worst timing. Sam i mean you can basically take all your life to accept till you are and just to the moment when you're ready to go to a gay club and admit you are on me women. Laghi calvin comes along say absolutely outrageous shakes various ago. And you think your option is basically an online. And then you'd have to and then just go for a distanced walk anyway. I mean how single people are coping in this really done. I you know i mean. It's tough as humans we are. We're not supposed to be like indoor's and not being able to do thing would like to go out on an and just to socialize and see ism communicate with offers. It varies talk very very talk. So you've weightless time we've never actually had a girlfriend. Then you still waiting. I'm still waiting now. Jamie railroad question. How old are you know. Well how old were you when he came out last year. Essentially the same question though. I'm thirty seven. Okay so i am late. That's quite incredible isn't it. That's a long time to in the closet. That's what mainly sti- of twenty two foot so twenty nine years a long time the eighth all that time but you know i've got to think though am i is. I wouldn't have my soul undesirables. This i always you know appeared before is like people. Don't come out until even the seventies on eight days and the flight. And i certainly don't feel far too stephanus. Don't bail. I come eighty and you look at you i i. I don't go but you know as a long time. An what is a say just bill. Now that's it. I'm just betty to vets go when when we have. I swear low of gay video..

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