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This week on inside motor sport, we speak with Tim Brooks about his second place finish in the 2021 trans am series. I hope you'll stay with us. While speaking to Tim Brooks of bathurst, was a great opportunity to catch up with him again. Last time we spoke to him on the inside motor sport was on our 9th of January show and you can hear that at sport radio dot com dot IU. At that time, he had just won the Toyota 86 championship. Now, two years on, and he is second place in the Australian TransAm series. I spoke to him in his wall racing transporter after the trophy presentation. While Tim Brock has been a little while since we spoke to you on inside motor sport head last time you were talking about the plants to get out of 86s. It seems to have been a very successful move to trans ams in the first step. Second in the championship in 2021. Yeah, look, it's turned out pretty good to be honest. It's probably taking a little bit longer. We started in 86s for a little longer than I guess we were originally expecting. But yeah, thoroughly enjoyed this year trans am. It was opportunity there at the start of the year. We've David wobble racing and yeah, we thought why not? Let's have it, let's have a go now huge man about the category or the cars or anything and yeah, it's been a hell of a learning curve this year. That's for sure, but a good one at that. Bit wild and woolly compared to the 86. Yeah, I guess so. Yeah, I mean, the cars have plenty of attitude, which is what I love about them at the moment, you know, they've got heaps of power. They've got a good tie when they're new, but they certainly start to move around and sounds like everybody that's viewing from the outside seems to love that about the category, you know? They've always moved around on the tower and almost to a certain point that maybe had too much pay out for the tire and yeah, we're loving that as well. So it's certainly becomes a bit of a battle trying to have some tires left for the last race and not burn them up too early in the weekend. And yeah, it's been really good. It's been really, really good. 2020, 21 COVID affected. How has that changed your plans? Does it actually meant you haven't gone racing quite as much so you may be saved a bit of money to be able to stock up for the years ahead. We should be sized a little bit of money to stock up, but yeah, unfortunately not. This year's kind of turned out, I suppose how we had originally planed with we got our 6 rounds in, which was fantastic and I guess a testament to the category for pressing on and I guess the AI nasty opportunity. You know, I have ten categories here at baths at the biggest rice event of the year. He's pretty cool and it's all been run stainless from our end. But yeah, look, the plane will be to go again and stick with trains aim, same team, same car, for next season. We've learned a lot and I feel like that's sort of shiny now pace. Over the season and I feel like we're starting to really get out. Our heads are in, there's always plenty more to learn, so definitely not going to stop here..

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