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To the Games. We run team building activities for companies like Apple Amazon Google, also government these universities nonprofits in two thousand and twenty of course that most virtual team by titties Michael Alexis is the CEO and founder of team building dot COM as its name suggests it's a training company and it used to offer it services in person but like many other companies, it's had to move its activities online in response to the pandemic everything changed. Very quickly, at the march, we had from having a healthy thriving growing business two zero revenue overnight a lot of the locations that we operated at closed down and a lot of the clients that where the planning travel between offices or group events, of course, stop plan as well. They were very early on to do that. So we did reinvent quickly and their similarities with our in person events, but all the ones that we. Run Our online office. Kim's said Ben built using what we know about team building and getting helping teams work together better and build relationships and combining that with kind of deep research into the different platforms available and how to best use them. For example, on the video calls we almost always use breakout rings feature Liam where you can take people from the main call and sort them into smaller groups where they can then function. Just with four five, six people might expect a lot of people listening to this can relate to that first time you got out a call and there's thirty or forty people out there. You don't know who's less lead slow bit nerve wracking. But within that small group, you can be more comfortable. You can be more confident just share-out and then come back to the main room for smart the games warmed up to it and. Essentially, the same sorts of companies asking for your services or is there something much more demand because people want to build teams online in a way that they didn't before have you seen this sort of patented damone changing so With local team building, we were mostly restricted to our major outbreak and cities. We had New York Chicago. San Francisco. Lock Angeles got name a large American city. We had some presence there with virtual team building interesting because now he can reach anybody anywhere right as long as they have a stable gun reliable. Internet connection. So we continue to work with large organizations in those cities where all work also working with smaller operations that you know. Maybe it's a small paper printing company we've worked with government entities, not just in the US but internationally, as well in Europe in parts of Asia, and those markets that just weren't acceptable to us before at least not yet but it's Not only that there's a lot of challenges that come with remote work when you do it especially for the first time, it's lonely it's isolating ten times more. So Jerry to pandemic. So companies are realizing this the realizing that they need to find opportunities for people to connect and get that face time and bring them together and help them feel that sense of normal time that directly needs it. Shifted doing things remotely changes how people work but what about the offices they've left behind? What does this mean for commercial real estate his Williams. Again, none of those red presents a bloodbath scenario where commercial office rents absolutely full of cliff and of Companies Boston. Everything will. They shows that when declined for a while being fisticuffs cheaper than it was. So I think that's quite likely they historical evidence would suggest that people do like to fleas during pandemics often for a long time but they do hold a kind of irresistible lear for people certainly wouldn't want to for the end of cities. What is happening today is an acceleration version. What was happening free cove? Mark Dickson is the CEO and founder of the International Workplace Group formerly known as Regis a big provider of flexible workspaces in countries around the world. So pre code. Companies were progressively moving towards a hub and spoke hybrid working model in a digital world realized that they didn't have to bring everyone together into large office buildings and sort of herb together, save them all. They just didn't need to do that anymore. And in fact, quite inconvenient bringing people together and his expansive. So for jury coaching pretty much the entire white collar workforce worldwide has had an induction of forced induction into working digitally and working from home or remotely. Now, it's not sustainable because. Individuals working for hunt for long periods of time becomes a problem they lose the inspiration they get from working meeting with colleagues meeting third party. So the future becomes much more of this hybrid model where companies will move towards a more permanent for what you had today. Now, it's been proven that it will work all this has big implications for offices then, but it doesn't make them obsolete more people will work close to home and avoid commuting because it just doesn't make any sense anymore. And cities become contract the office requirement cities become smaller, but they still have very much. A very important function in terms of providing the meeting place where these distributed workforce is come together. However rule office dome will go down and it was already happening the six percent myspace used to be all by by paper that's already down to three, and this whole digital transformation will bring that down to one zero two, and so you bay changes ahead. It's a future of decentralized offices, repurpose office buildings, and maybe lower costs workers you have more flexibility and no longer need to live in an expensive city to be close to their employer before cities will getting so expensive even though. City workers come onto the premium. Because of the cost of living Bejaia in many places, it wasn't enough to compensate for those living costs. Say for instance in London if you live off the housing costs income in London, they've been doing really badly now for pointed on time because housing is so high. So it wasn't the case the workers him coming into London were being paid these absolute ranson's because they had to pay for high cost of housing they were actually getting A. Deal. So in terms of what the work is, kind of disposable income is at the end of the month, I can I should be pretty good. Then what about the impact on pay because when a company says that? People could work anywhere people who have been working for that company in a high cost of living city such as the bay area San Francisco if they decide, they want to move somewhere else presumably the company can say, we're not going to pay you quite so much. In fact, we're going to hire a whole lot of people from this country over here who seemed to have all the skills we won't and don't require quite as much money and they can work for US remotely. So how do you think that will shake out at who could lose be thinking? Very not terms if the action school so engineer for facebook is asked productive as they were. Shouldn't really master facebook. Where I work, there's a also of when facebook would have rights in aware that worker is working on. There is certainly an argument that this will be kind of interesting Leffler geographically, both within countries and between them in facebook's employees, Nov paid so much simply because they are willing to live in San Francisco. Because that really bitter their job and they will continue to really good at their job even if anything in Utah somewhere in Texas or whatever say I, suspect that it won't be quite as leavening of some people expect. Employers are taking different approaches to adjusting pay team-building DOT COM. As people the same for.

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