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She was like Oh. You mean twelve under her breasts. And I. I made a scene and she got all of the data and. Everything about how we treat black children in our country, and how we treat them older than they are in racism. I was like you don't know these oak to I. Love You, Girl! I might might phone was right there. We got pictures. Meanwhile, the other people on the train are just looking like what is happening I. Love is in I, said you don't get to do this. I said she's almost nine. And you you do not get to do this right now. You do not get to say that it stops here. You're not GONNA do that to my child, because he or she is only eight years old. She's going to have a lifetime ahead of her. She already presents taller than she has a. you're gonNA start this now at eight and she's GonNa. Remember this and you're implying that I'm lying. And you don't have to show your birth certificate or anything like that on the train. My daughter on the other hand. It's like Mommy. It's okay it's okay and I said it's not okay I said I'm going to stand up for you. That's my role There was no you know it's not like she wasn't armed. Train ticket taker, but. As someone in uniform who represents? The city in in a utility. Kind of way I was.

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