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Happened just like everyone else. But those who are who haven't been in the loop on the jacket small at saga the actor earlier this week had all of his charges dismissed his records, clean evidence sealed law. This happened without the chief of police in Chicago knowing he was going to happen because the Cook County prosecutors came in out of nowhere and says I done with this. Now, more information has come out such as the Cook County prosecutor was apparently contacted by member Justice Smuts families shortly after the accusations were being made she supposedly what's going to recuse herself from the situation. We're not quite sure she actually did. But whatever happened. He had a couple of things transpire since the announcement to charge withdrawal number one. President Trump got involved. Vis-a-vis the Twitter's and number two the F B I wants to investigate to see exactly how. The prosecuting came to the conclusion that even though they said we have enough evidence to charge him with this crime. He would be found guilty. You decide to take ten thousand dollars and said, we're good and a one more thing. The mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel is cine a Bill north of one hundred thousand dollars to small because he's saying ten thousand dollars doesn't begin to cover the amount of man hours. We put into trying to find the criminel. Yeah. It's a mess. It's a mess a mess because the hot thinking man, it seems like one of those things where everybody did it the wrong way. You know, what I mean that the the crime air quotes itself just seems weird. Like, there's nothing about that that seems like an actual assault took place. And then there's the cover up of that. Then there's the investigation of that. Then there's the SBA part of that case. ESPN? All of this is like, well that stinks. That doesn't make any sense. Are you guys done with your news update? Your CNN news update. No. There's a little bit more. Okay. Tell us more. And then on top of that the poor show that he he's getting far pyre. Oh, no. It's not just he's getting fire. Looks like the show me not come back. Jussie smollet got moas ratings ever in history and Lee Daniels. Are so creator says it's been a freaking roller coaster, and no one knows whether or not the show coming to be nude. Good good. Yeah. Then we did to Raji do one. Once the show is gone. And we can never talk about Jesse smell at all. SR works. Hopefully, no, I don't think. So the more the story is this if you're hungry, call grub. Story. Don't go out in the middle of night trying to get a subway sandwich. All right. This week sixteen opened up last night four games last in Dera, four games. One of them was good. The other three were a really very useful. Helpful reminder of why tapped out on this about ten years or so ago that I mean that the Michigan Texas Tech game heels he was eight two six nine and a half minutes. That's a good football game score nine notes. Not if they've played the entire first quarter in the games nine ninety six. That's okay. It's not great fine nine years. Eight two six eight two six nine minutes into the game. Then you have organ and Virginia coming in after that and Virginia.

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