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Just checking in we love World's better like these are simple simple things that the world needs right now. Great stuff. And i and i you know it it resonates with me Way too much. Unfortunately because it's all the things that i feel like basis i personally More often than not failing to do. And i admit every so often somebody will do that. Text check in with me. i think. Why the checking in today. What's what's wrong are they are they. Okay why are they. You know like we. We have because we don't do. This enough does take the moment to send the out of the blue texts. That's literally that nothing behind it. No agenda no anything why. Why are they reaching out right now. Is there something. It's a strange station because you realize it is. It's because we are not. We're not engaged enough and we're not reaching out enough and we're not so suddenly the the thing that should be the obvious human thing to do becomes the the the the anomaly almost and and your attention wants your attention is. I'm gonna do this every day. You i promise you the world will send you people in your head. You're like yes. I should send her test. Yuck i feel good wanna reaches out and just to check in. Not people need stuff you all the time. How do people need stuff for me all the time you know. I oftentimes get Hey just checking Economic tickets. So like i did a lot so k. Was part of the job. I understand but like what if you just purely were checking in because we care you know. I think we need to know. It's an important reminder for all of us and and i will admit this freely me especially the crossover podcast is brought to you by progressive..

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