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I'm Gary McNamara. This tweet from ABC seven in the LA area update Ventura County sheriff's officials say they believe the suspect is down the mass shooting inside a nightclub at in Thousand Oaks, California. I have a this is a witness here from Westwood One talk to Westwood One. This Holden Hera who was a witness to the shooting gentlemen, wearing black trench lifting toe. Not a beard also wearing glasses and. He just went seconds. Walk through the door pulled him out and started twice. And then there's about three or four other shots that I did hear, but I was already out of the building. Well, what we know? Now is at least eleven injured, including a law enforcement official. I don't know whether it was a share for whatever's sheriff's deputy, did they say believe believe it was the reporter one reporter from the LA times of crime reporter, James Queely, just tweeted a couple of minutes ago, a quote from the Ventura County sheriff's deputy spokesperson that says quote that number that number is going to go up from eleven that's referring to the number of injured, and they are saying that the victims some victims are self reporting to the hospitals as well. Also in the tweet from James Queely again of the LA times. There have been confirmed fatalities. I just saw that from him just came up on NBC news. And so we don't have a number in terms of the fatalities. But that just came across James quickly and his colleagues at the LA times. The number of them have been there in Thousand Oaks at this location reporting on this this morning, and we're following this again, breaking news over the past few hours, and their this happened in Thousand Oaks at a bar earlier when a shooter walked in this is at the borderline bar and grill in Thousand Oaks, it was college night, plenty of college students authorities sing hundreds.

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