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Definition. I mean, don't get rid of Richmond. It's fine. Don't get rid of Phoenix is fine. But, but that's just what I think when I think short track like, I. Didn't think of that as being as first short-track win? No. But again, it is it is it does have an entity all of its own. I mean banking. It's a little bit faster down the backstretch. But I think by definition you have to say it's like quarter the three quarters a mile. Typically, one mile or anything under one mile is called a short Iraq at three three quarters a mile if it's a bigger short track. But it's not it's it's still a short. It's under a mile. So yeah, I still consider it a short check. But I think it's I think it's a big deal. I mean for him to be a guy who's kind of mastered every the art of everything else. Yeah. This is pretty good for him and shows especially in a gives car that he can run. Although I'm not shocked that it gives car one. This thing though, can't say that. No, not at all, you know. And and again, it was you know, it was pretty much. I don't have the thing. Let me bring up the leader Louis because I remember this race as being pretty much an essay char an Penske type of. Yeah. For a while there. It was was that. And then some other crazy crap happens. Bush would've won tricks lead. One eighty six joy Lagaan over fifty two. Kevin Harvick was up there for thirty in the break has Lasky for thirty one. So once again, it's the same two teams. I mean, it's JJ are, and it's Penske or Pinski depending on who you write for which paper, you write for or which TV station, you work for and so it's the same thing all over again is this getting to the point where it's concerning. Not just for those other teams. But as far as nascar's concern, because do you think that fans think of it that way, basically is what I'm getting at do you think the fans look at that and say man, they're only two teams because when Kabul wins everything Rosenthal Garda's ruining the sport Cowboys winning everything when you know, Jimmy Johnson wins the roll man, Jimmy Johnson. Do you think you think of it that way right now where we only have those two organizations, and that's it? We're talking Pinski and Gibbs. Yeah. No because they're different drivers winning the rail. I think that's I think the organizational think doesn't fit into their thing. Just yet. I think it soon will. But at the same time, I don't see it being as big a deal, you know, that they're they're winning it just yet until they start consistently winning over and over again. And that's when people start wondering, oh, it's only to put change the rules now. At least that something could play up because they tried to play up the big three. And that was all right. You know, it it didn't really pan out that way because those guys weren't really into it. But boy be nice. If like, the Gibbs drivers and the Pinski drivers could both get together and be like two. Let's let's let's kinda him this little lake. That's amp this up a little bit, man. Let's let's not like that other guy that happens already with break is asking Bush, but but everybody else needs get in that mindset that we don't like these guys in the maybe maybe just a little bit. You could have some of that rivalry going on? But doing need rival like honestly, I'm tired of this WWF kind of thing that you have to something to get people in passionate about it make make the product better. Then people will get impassioned about it. I guess so I guess so it's just it's easier with with sports organization regular sports teams because you know, you've got that that regional thing going on. And you don't get that ever really in this car. It's not like the southern guys versus the California guys are some stuff like that. Yeah. I mean, you do a coast thing. I mean, just make the racing better. Making better at a green flag. He'll listen to Stephen's. Listen to Steve O'Donnell it is. But we'll get to that later. All right. Let's talk about two things with the coverage. Number one. My gosh, where they jockeying Cal Bush so.

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