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In seventeen thirty eight mogul emperor Muhammad Shah possessed one of the region's most valued treasures, the great mogul diamond. But that and everything else Mohammed-owned was about to be threatened a bloodthirsty emperor from Persia was coming for the mogul empire. His name was nuttier Shah born in sixteen eighty eight in Khorasani Persia, dear grew up a poor peasant. He was forced into slavery, but escaped captivity in eventually became a soldier the military was where he thrived Nadiri advanced quickly there. But when he conflicted with a high ranking official Nadiri went rogue and formed his own army. Bold move, definitely. And it set the stage for Nadir's rise to power in seventeen twenty nine he freed Persia from Afghan control and seven years later ascended to the throne as emperor of Persia not. Long after he went on a conquering rampage throughout much of the east which led him to just outside of Delhi. India with a foolproof strategy for a takeover at karnal, sixty eight miles north of Delhi. Nadu Shah led his army of twenty thousand against Muhammad Shah's forces consisting of nearly three hundred thousand soldiers and two thousand wars elephants, although deers troops were greatly outnumbered. Muhammed's forces had a disadvantage. There are Tillery was fairly antiquated much too heavy and hard to maneuver Nadir's Shaw. Ever the military strategist used a three prong approach. Dividing? His limited troops into three main sectors using one of these lines of offense as a diversion, Shah commanded an ambush, and it was downhill for the mogul troops from there. The Persians defeated their enemy within three hours of the battles. Start. This was the beginning of the end of the mogul dynasty, Mohammad Shah soon handed over his empire tuna dear soon after the deer began enforcing strict laws and taxation on citizens. The Persian military presence was oppressive soldiers were quick to punish civilians this intern catalyzed an uprising as civilians fought back killing the dears men when the deer himself rode out from his newly claimed palace a man fired a musket at him narrowly missing him, this was the last straw, and it drove nuttier to seek safety at the top of a mosque once there he ordered his men to enter all the areas where Persian soldiers were being attacked and kill every civilian inside. He raised his sword. Which signalled the start of a massacre? Around thirty thousand civilians, including women and children were killed by Persians after the bloodshed now, dear had his men plunder all the riches and treasures of the mogul dynasty, stealing the famous peacock throne..

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