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That scheme would fit really, really well with Jalen durand, not to say that they need some high level forward slash center because flow and Jonathan Chan will cha cha have done really well so far this year. But I do think that an upgrade there wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. And I think for jaylen Duran, we'd see everything that we need to see for him. Because right now, Memphis, jaylen Durant does not have a point guard. And the thing that we've seen from him when he has gotten reasonable service out of ball screens and by service, I mean, passes out of short roles, passes on lobs particularly toward the rim. Duran has been an elite finisher this year. He has put up numbers. You go back, you watch that Alabama game. I think that that was one of the best signs that we saw that jaylen Duran is still maybe not quite as polished as what we thought he was, but he is someone that can make an extremely high level impact if only because he is dealing with physical tools that so few people on Planet Earth have. He just turned 18 years old. He's 6 foot 11 he's a 7 foot 5 wingspan. He is capable of at least like handling the ball a little bit. He doesn't even post moves, but if you short roll him, he can make some passing reads. He can put the ball on the deck once or twice to get to the basket. I think that this is a no brainer. I would frankly love to see jaylen Duran in a different situation. That's no slight it. Penny Hardaway, that's no slight at their coaching staff. They just don't have point guard and I don't think that we're seeing the optimal usage of what we could see from Jalen Duran, which kind of leads us into this next question here, which I think is interesting. It comes from it's Justin Ramos. He asks, how does Jalen Duran compare to other lottery centers of recent years specifically? How does he comp to guys in the mid lotto like Wendell Carter and yeka Kong Wu or surefire studs like Evan mobley or Deandre ayton? I see him as a level below Evan mobley pretty easily. I see him as a level below Deandre ayton pretty easily. He is somehow smaller than Deandre ayton and just doesn't even have the skill or the movement, lateral agility that Deandre ayton did. I do see Jalen durran more as a it's funny. I don't mean to compare them just because both of them went to Memphis, but I do see him in James wiseman as being somewhat similar with Doran maybe being slightly ahead. Just because he's physically stronger and I think that he moves just a little bit better than what James wiseman does. In the case of these mid lottery centers, comparing him to Wendell Carter is interesting because Wendell Carter is somewhere 6 foot ten, 7 foot four wingspan, just doesn't have the explosive pop, the Jay Lin Duran does, but does move his feet probably just as well. I think that Wendell Carter was probably a little bit more skilled than what Jalen Duran was, but again doesn't have quite the same level of physical tools that Duran does. Not Duran is nowhere near where Carter was the shooter coming out of duke..

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