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News Radio seven eighty one zero five point nine FM rain is moving through the Chicago area now and expect that on and off throughout the evening. Maybe tomorrow as well. We'll have an overnight low in the mid forties for tomorrow. A high of fifty right now, it is fifty degrees at O'Hare and forty nine f- lakefront raining. On the market wash. Today. Dow closed up one hundred ninety one NASDAQ though fill Twenty-eight SNP up about fifteen WBZ news time, four twenty one. Our top story this hour the last minute push for votes ahead of tomorrow's midterm elections. President Trump spoke today in Cleveland vote for Democrats is a vote to bring this economic boom. Crashing to a sudden halt and here in Chicago, the record wave of early voters hit early voting sites with a little more than two and a half hours too early to early vote ten we'll have much more on this story at four thirty one closing fifty one source including those and gurney and also reported you together to wind down operations by February the home improvement retailer, historically, what it says is underperforming stores including two in this area. Appalachian, the south suburbs. Investigating a deadly hit and run. This happening talk really officers found an under responsive WalMart last night there Lincoln highway and Torrance the woman has not been identified. He died if ac- will you might think the slowest commuter travel time in Illinois is in the Chicago area. But it turns out that notoriety goes to a downstate forest. Authorities are extending the closure of a road through the shawnee national forest to give snakes more time to migrate across it. A two and a half mile stretch of snake road is usually closed. It goes for the annual migration of animals in September and October to accommodate endangered reptiles and amphibians, but it's been warmer than usual. So the migration is taking longer the road will be closed larger so stragglers. I wrote over snake road is still open to people travelling on foot pad Cassidy NewsRadio. Hi point nine FM residents in Chicago's uptown neighborhood getting creative in order to combat an ongoing problem like nothing I've ever seen. Jennifer, goolsbee has lived on the forty eight hundred block of Winthrop avenue for fourteen years. She says she's never seen so many wrath is the last six months, it is so ridiculous. I go for a walk with my dog. And I'll see six rats at five classmates turning the answer. She hopes are their newest residence. Set up these large teachers and the cat's just arrived yesterday. Who's be says, the neighbors all contributed to the cost of the feral cats and are welcoming them and feeding them and hopes they'll stick around and scare the rodents. The neighbors together. Like, let's say this problem goes about five hundred dollars for the feral cat colony to be brought in Lisa fielding NewsRadio on one zero five point nine FM. When it comes to skin cancer protection. A new study finds that men are still not getting the message. The researchers say skin cancer deaths. Among men have soared in wealthy nations, while mortality rates among women are rising more slowly or even declining in some places lead author Dorothy Yang of London's Royal free hospital. There is some evidence from several studies that suggest that men possibly don't protect your skin as well as women do more than ninety percent of melanoma cancers are caused by overexposure to the sun making it one of the most preventable of cancers. Something more men need to take on board. They keep Barker CBS news WBZ news time, four twenty three market news. What if every time you went out you could cash in now with the Capital One saver card? You earn four percent cashback on dining and entertainment like their first taste of guacamole..

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