Rachel Brosnahan, President Trump, Roseanne Donald Trump discussed on WTF with Marc Maron Podcast


Compulsion did i mention i don't think i did i mentioned yet that my guest today is rachel brosnahan who's the actress on the show the marvelous mrs mazel which i like i like i didn't think i would do so she'll be here that was nice she's pleasant hey you know what i'm starting to realize people is that during this age of horror and excitement we're probably going to see just who everybody really is it's a weird thing it's a weird phenomenon that trickles down from the monster at the top of the pyramid is that now everybody's sort of shameless is sort of like hey man maybe i can shoot from the hip hey man maybe i can take some risks hey man maybe i can say some shit that'll upset some people hey man maybe i can do some some bad business some morally dubious business behavior and just personal behavior maybe i can get away with that but you know what we're seeing is that it seems like only the president remains unchecked everybody else has gotta take the hit but we're gonna see you know if we make it through this with any semblance of a reasonable system and decent people persevering i wonder if a lot of these people are going to pay the price look we've all got a price to pay no but there's a there's a type of shamelessness it's going on it's just sort of mind blowing and it is the shamelessness that trickles down from the top like it's interesting to me a lot of people like can you believe roseanne of course of course i can roseanne donald trump khania west same sickness you know if there's a hall of fame for narcissists there at the top of their game this is if you've got the platform if you really think about narcissism i don't know if i've said this before everyone's a little narcissistic i am but there are few people that are actually pathological narcissists.

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