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The conservative member of parliament and Marie Laura's. She's in favor of Brexit. And we're hoping to get her reaction to those votes. But let's go to Boeing and the Boeing and the US aviation regulator have been appearing before the US Senate. The hearing comes after two fatal aircraft crashes of the Boeing seven three seven max eight in the last six months which killed almost three hundred and fifty people questions have been raised on the regulators role as well as Boeing software used for the airplane. Now Boeing have announced safety fixes for the seven three seven max planes, which are grounded worldwide. But as investigations are continuing is it too early for this sort of governmental scrutiny. George Hamlin is an aviation specialist from Hamlin transportation consulting, the real problem. I have with this is an active investigation going out about what went on in the regulatory process for approval of. This airplane, and that's being checked into until we know what happened there. I'm not sure how you know how we can address this or why we should the people. In the meantime, we'll be looking at these two crashes within a short space of each other and wondering whether air travel could be deemed safe when it comes to the seven three seven is that fair fair question. Are we going to be very careful and travel air travel in the seven thirty seven is very safe and all of the seven thirty seven matches are on the ground. You know, the the problem children so to speak. There was very little in the actual manual off. The Maxine about the anti stall system is that what people will be looking at. That's a part of the puzzle here. I was very surprised when I when I learned of this because typically when you install something new you want the users to know about it, although you'll having having been through some software. I'm not sure that applies and everything we do with the modern world, but certainly with regard operating at airplane that should definitely be on the requirement list, and doesn't itself will have many people scratching their heads. As to why uses didn't know anything about this anti stall system. I don't know definitively. And again, that's that's something that's being worked out now. But I think part of it was bowing wanted the airplane to be term transparent has been batted around. Vis-a-vis the seven thirty seven new generation it's predecessor when it comes to what Boeing's doing now. It has unveiled a software kids to this anti stall system on the seven three seven max model. Why would even consider doing that? If nothing was wrong tall. I think it was clearly the right thing to do something with with with the two airplanes. Again, we don't know definitively yet. But if you have even thought about this about why. And then it's a good time to start working on fixing it immediately. And what would those changes be do? We know the technicality of that one of the things they pointed out that I do recall is that it will be a lot easier for the pilots if this occurs again to figure out how to disconnect the system. You know with without going to a lot of trouble. And in the meantime, Boeing has not provided a timetable has it for the actual return of the seven three seven max. Oh, I saw presenter at a news program here in the US this evening talk about, you know, even if it happens almost immediately it's to be a week and a half or maybe a little more just to get enough people trained to be able to put the airplane back in the year. That's aviation specialist. George hamlin. Let's go back to Brexit. And this time talk to on Murray. More is a conservative member of parliament was in federal Brexit. Good morning. Thank you for having for making time for us. This morning. You're a member of your are you not? Yes. Right. Yes. Which is the European research group. That's right. That's Boris Johnson. Are also members of the G. Yes, right. He's position. Now is that you will support the Theresa May. Plum. Correct. With us what your position correct is split Neo geo the moment. No, I think it's a split. We are all very concerned to the referendum result, which was to take the UK out of the European Union the political construct of the European Union. And I think the difference between members is really how that takes place. And I think that for me. I feel that when we actually agreed as a parliament to trigger article fifty and to leave that wasn't conditional on there being an NFL for me. We fight in one of those that'll say, well, no deal. Brexit is not too bad as an idea is that right? Is is also the thing that we are. We are better prepared for. But I think where others are coming from. When you talk about a split, they're concerned that despite that somehow the machinations of the speaker, and others will fruit will we'll frustrated, and my view is you know, you get on you do the right thing. You don't Trump pre guests these things and you fight? So let's just go back to yesterday to a global audience eight proposals, so-called, indicative votes and not one of them passed. So we have a sense of what you members of parliament don't want is their clarity about what you want. I think the answer is. No, I think also those indicative votes from devil quite a number of abstentions. The cabinets have stay inside not. So you can read those results is Representative. I don't think any of them will got through as a result. But I think you'd have found the margins would have been different. But it would be true to say that parliament is not agreed on the the way forward, and therefore, frankly, we should all we should all respect. Manifestos? And indeed the decision we took a to trigger article fifty and leave for which we are very well prepared indeed Europe is very well prepared. And then deal with what we need to do further for for free trade agreement. Does to be saved though that Norville Brexit has also been rejected by parliament. What is also true is that the prime minister has offered to resign. Does that make it easier for you to support deal? Okay. I'm in terms of the comments you've made remember, this is a decision of the people and also decision that the politicians we asked the people for their view. They said we want to leave, and it's their view, we need to represent the fact that the politicians in the house that like it would you support the prime minister's decision. And I take what you just said, you take would you does the fact that she's decided to quit does that in any way, get your side. No, it doesn't. And it seems to me these things should be separated. Because there's a clear political decision about how we leave Europe. And this is a once in a lifetime issue. We must be done sensibly and a second issue, which is about who's the prime minister will. The prime minister. I wonder if Theresa May indeed leaves I we need somebody new a fresh fray. So it needs to be somebody like Dominic, Robb. I didn't think that some of the big pieces. We described in here. Can come back. There's been say much political gaming in the last time that we have you to election. It just wouldn't be right under the night of the referendum results in Britain decided to leave the margin. The things will turn out with other than the anybody. Imagine things will turn out the way they turned out to look at the polling time, but I was absolutely delighted it's the right thing for this country. Anne, Marie Morris. Thank you very much member of parliament with a conservative party. Let's get sponsors now with the Simona Halep one win away from returning to world number one in tennis. If he makes it to the final of the Miami open. She'll be back to top spot in the rankings. But she's got to pay caroliina plus cover in the last four in the men's draw in Miami. Roger Federer one stage further back in the quarterfinals because of rain delays. He faces a repeat of his Wimbledon clash with big-serving, South African Kevin Anderson. It looks as though the tennis mixed team events Hofmann Cup has reached the end of the road for now. At least it's been forced out of its host city of Perth. By the advent of the men only ATP. Cup in men's football by Munich have signed Athletico Madrid defender and French World Cup winner. Lucas Hernandez on a five year deal worth a record eighty million euros and women's football by Munich's through to the last four of the European Champions League. They will face Barcelona. The other semi will be Chelsea who knocked tap Perry. Sandra in a testy atmosphere in Paris last night. And we'll talk about that in half an hour up against the defending champions Lille. Thank you very much. Now. It's time for the business. News Philip is here, you're going to do a little bit of magic force, aren't you? But isn't that a visual thing? Normally magic is a visual thing. But I'm going to perform a magic trick right now that I dare say that Darren Brown. Oh, David Blaine would not be able to pull off especially on the radio. I'm gonna make tenure German government bonds sound interesting. Now, if you are at home and you suffer from narcolepsy brace yourself because we all going to be talking about government debt. But here we go tenure German government bonds. Let's assume for the moment that the two of you are savers and you want to save some money. In gem gunman says. Disavow cash would you what interest rate? Do you think you would want to charge the German jumped into Samsung? Well, the the usual level of much of the last few years has been somewhere between about one to three percent for German government debt yesterday, the German government sold that to the marketplace. It was two point six times oversubscribed. Investors to buy almost three times as much German government bonds this were available and for the privilege of that. Obviously, the German government has to pay an interest rate of home. The interest rate was minus zero point zero five percent. So you have to pay the German government for the privilege of leading the your money three times more people than there were puns availa with. I'll have more of that gives us more of these bonds, and I'll pay you more money to take my money from me. So this is called negative yields. They happen occasionally they have happened. Interesting. Very short periods of time for German debt for lost period about autumn two sixteen. I believe this is the first time though, that it's happened at the start for something as long as a ten year government bond because no believe if you little bit worried, you might give you money to the German government because she knew to get it back. So if you weren't over the next couple of weeks so worried over the next couple of months waiting for the next six months, you might pay regarded negative interest rates is being a little bit of an insurance policy over ten years, though, not only are you paying them for the privilege of taking your money. But because she was to get ripped out by inflation as well, actually, it's a it's a deal investors decided they want on the face of it doesn't sound very good one. Phillip walden. You've pulled people out of narcolepsy. It has been a it's a very odd thing. This is having a big impact on the rest of the markets. A US treasury yields drop to a NIST sixteen months low because of this. It's got people saying hang on a second isn't global economic growth going to slow down because that's what it usually indicates. Asian equity markets are now down and it's causing all sorts of problems. And the question of knock Alexi. I am a condition characterized by an extreme tendency to fall asleep whenever in relaxing surroundings. These are definitely not relaxing surroundings. But it, but thank you..

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