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Onto far as well when we have to crack down on on on household debt the question starts you risers to what is actually going to drive the chinese economy in the next couple of years what's needed from reform sense is to convert relinquish the control over the economy in in a sense that actually means less ability the aim has always been for xi jinping to maintain that stability but it sort of jaws with his aim of delivering the economy and this really at the moment as we speak is sort of a critical point for for those two posing aims to to come to to a head mr leo will also be put in charge of the day to day relations with the us and that comes that are very interesting time in that economic relationship doesn't it the thing that's worrying is the chun on the us side with turnover stuff that that you hartley came back from washington saying i wasn't actually entirely sure who it was that i was i to be talking to which is slightly worrying in the context of the tariffs that don donald trump is is now threatening to impose with regard to intellectual property on with regard to the tech sector which is a part of the economy which is not out the center of the new industrial plan of china and therefore the the authorities care about much much more than they cared about the steel tariffs which didn't really affect them in directly at all fray obame ish let's do the numbers globo shares are mixed as traded keep an eye on a mating of j twentynine actions and await a key rate division from the federal reserve this week investors also watching facebook after claims this weekend cambridge analytica used dacia on fifty million of the social media giant's use it to help sway us elections.

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