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At this point i think we run the risk of of of trump giving us yup kushner come on stop it that's not gonna happen at that would really truly be a abor perron or a veto a week ago you wouldn't i mean at any point from june fifteen or seventy into whatever what can pick teams i think it let from fifteen up until about a week ago oh you what an head knock out a happy i'm nasty and save not building the wall right i got we would have said that the n go ahead turned out i was you're out bill on his blog at before you get in halo arm since i contented i can feel it across the airwaves well you would've on a rodent companies tucker tried it again e e you have to operate with the facts on the ground right and attack on the ground were that every other thing we'll person running for president public trade out i'm going to going up in the board rain grant amnesty right and trump was the only one at least claiming he was going to do do the stuff that the country is an ethical well we blind rage we've been asking republicans to do there and and democrat but give up on them forget them about republicans they've been running i mean i pointed out in addi off america they always on when they need our whoa oh yeah when they're gonna crack down on illegal immigration and only when they get into office oh what are you need chamber of commerce more cheap labour right country is in an absolute red over there they it's the american people who have shut down the last three amnesty that the republicans have tried to what peru won the get a night mccain boy they keep pushing air the honor i trump was so we boris unpack aid right i i just thought okay we got the message across that point we are willing to take the guy with the aircraft hollywood tape about grabbing women by we got got out and seemed to think they what.

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