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To find five hundred actual bones within two hours. How would you go about that. You think does it. Count if i if i count my own bones you have to you have to. You have to lay him down. I wanna see them on a table. It gets that doesn't count in trivia time. Okay how many bones are in the human body seven. Now come on. Give me a real. This is i feel like this is relatively decibel. We'll let me let me look. I got a little bone nair money finger each of my fingers bone. Yeah yeah bones you actually. I believe the hand has more bones than any other part of the body. Feel it. So this tin yeah. Okay so i'm gonna start with tin. And then i feel like there's got to be a few there each magog mccullough twenty eight thirty feel like i got a neck bone count as one thirty i might have to in there. I'd say something like eighty seven eighty seven bones in the human body. I think. Eighty seven bunks. I think that's how many i had. I can't speak for other people i believe. Hold on. i'm going a how i'm gonna it's around two hundred. I must say it's two. oh eight. how many bones in the human body you. I don't think i have that many think it's two. Oh six to six eighty seven would be certainly interesting. I don't know if the if if we'd be podcasting if our species evolved to just eighty seven bones. But hey i feel like i don't need most of mine. What do you need all his bones for honestly. You know evolution and all that good stuff by the way. I don't want to get this off the rails and we'll get to this more in the reviews sousa quick. Tease the response to the dodo. Section of the last podcast was as enthusiastic as any topic. We've had in months and months and months. Who would have ever thought. I ordered a dodo. Bird shirt amazon. It should be here to by tomorrow night here lined up. I can't wait to get it. Says we will rise again. Which by the way. It's an extinct species so that's not how extinction works. But you know what i do like the spirit and i'm debating following with you. I had one when it was the one that i sent. It said never forget. Never ever forget it. S stupid birds needed to be a little more skeptical of the dutch. They trusted too much. They trusted too much and they got burned. Okay yes i'm with you. I would take the field over gonzaga baylor but let me make the argument about why. Maybe you shouldn't a one right now. It appears barring weird. They're going to be one season the instantly tournament. And i know that it just takes a little. You know maybe one injury here losing streak there baylor more susceptible than gonzaga to this type of stuff because the league affiliation but the the thing sometimes people forget is that only four teams can get number one in the ncaa tournament. So i assume two of them will be gonzaga bay there but it's not guaranteed but for the sake of the conversation play along. We're gonna assume that those are going to be two of the number one seat a number one seed usually wins the ncaa tournament people. Throw this out there. All the time like single elimination tournament. You never know you never know. And it's not always the best team but it is usually a number one seed trivia time. Ten of the past thirteen national champions till the past thirteen have been number one seeds in the ncaa tournament. Can you name the three. That were that one at all. They wanted all but they warned upon see. It's only happened three times in the past. Thirteen tournaments share. Outsourced this question to our audiences i answer this. I want to say by the way my blind guess since it went to sixty four teams and eighty five that the one seed wins the tournament. I'm going to say it's about forty three forty four percent of the time. I think it's less than fifty percent of the time. A one seed wins it. But you're talking about the past. Thirteen did ten of the past thirteen. So i'm about Starting in two thousand seven. When florida as a one seed won the ncaa tournament the year before so kansas. It was a one-seat. Oh nine carolina. It was a one. C twenty ten is duke. It was a one. C twenty eleven is yukon which is not a one-seat so that's one of them that's correct. They were three zero three seats. Twenty twelve's kentucky was a one seed. Thirteen was louisville. It was a one. C fourteen is yukon. It was a seven c. That's number two. Fifteen is duke. A one-seat over wisconsin. Sixteen i think is nova as a two seed winning. I think november two seed and sixteen seventeen carolina's a one eighteen. Novas one nine hundred. Virginia's one talk to me. Ding ding ding ding ding or laser. That was impressive. that'd be gone. What do you want from me. You got it exactly right and you got the seats right. Although i think i helped you with yukon was a three seat in two thousand eleven just slow to take but i was. I was on it. Don't worry i was. On florida's seven and one florida's a three and two thousand and six five is yukon. A one four is yukon a one three syracuse a three to maryland to one. One duke is a one two thousand michigan state. I think it's a one but it might be a to anyway. Go back to gonzaga. So so i'm with you. I would take the field but a once. He does normally in recent history of once. He does win the tournament way more often than not. And if you're assuming once he's gonna win it this year will then you really picking the other two one seed over gonzaga baylor. I know you're actually not doing that. But i think you get my point. I would take the phil gonzaga baylor. They have separated themselves..

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