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Convinced you to come to air force? Oh, I think I just weighed all all the opportunities between academic military service the chance to play hockey just all added up. And that was a what's seal the deal. Now, you gotta you had a younger brother that went to army. How did that happen? That's where he played hockey there for four years. Good player. Lifetime rivalry. Now. One thing I will always have over him is he never won a game against air force enforce season. So. Yeah. Yeah. So you couldn't convince him to to you know, what that was. I we screwed that one up by like Scotty, Scott. He's a little guy and he's zooms around, and he was fast and skate and catch your eye and his Jersey's flapping his brother was big and not a pretty skater a little bit clunky. But he was as tough as they come and he had character. And we couldn't get by his skating, and we were waited waited waited finally army put pressure on them, and he'd pay needed to make a decision on where he wanted to go to school army wanted him. So he went there and we played against him for four years and scooters, right? His brother never won a game against us. But I'll tell you what every game we played I go, I wished that big ornery mean guy was on our team, you know, and I know he had character. Plus to be honest with your little brother would have been great together on a line and the beauty of Scottie Scottie could play in any type of situation. He was primarily a bottom. Six guy force. And kill penalties not typing. But Scotty was a guy you could put him with Burnett lambreau, and he wouldn't break the chain. He was the first of all a guarantee you played you played every four position probably numerous times during during your four years. You just had that I was happy to do it. Yeah. And you had that versatility. As a player is your brother's still in the army. He is he stationed out in Seattle Washington. Yeah. He's there. He's. Our lives have gone different directions. It's with the different military services. He's an infantry. He sleep it on rocks and getting ready to kick down doors, and I hear I'm here teaching cadets, and I love I love my job in life. But we couldn't be different directions in the military when you were playing and getting ready to graduate. Did you ever in your wildest dreams? Think you'd be back at the air force academy some day doing what you're doing. No. I couldn't have jumped of it. But I am very happy to do it. It's such a pleasure to work with all the cadets here. But especially our hockey guys academically. I see him every day on the hill. And you just talk tile Hake. The best of all there's a whole handful of guys not far behind him that are all doing excellent work. And they've got a great reputation. Everyone loves to work with them. And you still thanks to Frank. You're still he's still got your hand in hockey a little bit too. As a as a volunteer assistant. That's right. Come down to the Rick everyday work with these guys helped the coaches. More help the coaches coach the players good. Yeah. It's great. I got I got three of my former players Andy Burdet, jock lamb, ruin Scotty, coz lack and then the coach that I inherited from Chaki Dallas Joe Joe Doyle working with me. So I got I've got four excellent guys nephew come by and watch practice. You'll notice that it doesn't appear that Franks doing a whole hell of a lot. There's there's a little there's a lot of truth to that. There's a lot of truth. I got I got I've got the best staff in the country. And when you got people like I got the enthusiasm and the knowledge base at they haven't and the way that they just the way that they have with with young people. It's just I I get a kick watching them work with with all the guys and just get a thrill from cozy out good is it to be back at here force. Oh, it's great. It's great to be in Colorado. It's great to be at air force work without hockey program work with them academically teaching in the management department..

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