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A lot of guys would kill to have regular minutes next to Berger on a march end, but he made the most of it in that situation. So I think for debris, it wasn't just the fact that that friction with Cassidy and those things. But I think for him, probably a lot of what was the writing on the wall for him was probably the Taylor hall trade where he probably looked at them and be like, all right, well I'm not. So planting hall, I'm not supplanting marsh hand. Am I just going to be a third line guy now? Because that's where I don't want to be. Especially you mean you look at that previous UT, you spent time on the third line on the right side too. You even had like Nick Ritchie in front of him on the depth chart. So I look at this situation now where if you can keep him in that top 6 spot, whether it's on the top line for the first month when Martians out or then you switch them over to the right side and like Montgomery wants to keep marchand bergeron and de brusque and then Paul pasternak and creature, whoever, pretty good top 6 and one, you're going to get a lot of production from both those lines and you're going to have a very happy Jake de brus because I think if he plays a full season with those two guys, you're probably getting 25, 30 goals. So right now it seems like it's more or less a win win. I know this bruins fans will probably upset that a lot of the comments I've seen on my stories or the general reaction is some people are happy. Some people are like, oh, you go out his way. I don't even want him on the team. Got to take the long look here. You've got a guy who can give you 25, 30 goals even. It was one of the few guys that has, even though he's inconsistent, has had a knack for giving you even strength offense, something that this team does not usually have. Any sign for 4 million a year. So I think you look at this team and if this is a team that is looking to build or at least run it back next year, you need a guy like the bras. That's why even when we talked about trading back into the first round. Yeah, brassicas and obvious fit there, but if you're looking at this bruins team and what they need, I don't think you're moving a guy like the brass for what he can give you now that he's bought in for a guy for a pick that gets you what the 21st overall pick or something like that. You don't want to get really moves the needle, especially. So again, I don't think it was just falls on Cassidy, I think for de Broglie's kind of realizing that he's fallen into a pretty good situation here. If he's guaranteed those top 6 minutes, so I think both him and the team really can't be upset with how things have played out now, especially to bras. If you keep him with Berger on a Martian for another year or two, who knows along bergeron, it's going to play her if he's back, but

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