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Stocks bonds cash investments alternative investments and compare it to your target portfolio weights. If you discover you're taking more risks than you intended. This isn't a good time to be selling stocks. Still you might take that step if you're truly uncomfortable with your portfolio's risk level for the rest of us. This is a time to carry on as usual. If you regularly invest part of your paycheck in the stock market. You should keep making those investments and feel mildly pleased that you're buying at slightly lower prices and quote my thoughts though the market has gone down like it has more room to drop interesting. That said no one knows what the market's going to do. Especially the hyped up mainstream media so stop listening to them. carry on. sounds like good advice. What i'm doing. I do make regular stock investments into my 401k. That will buy at the lower prices. But i will be supplementing. These a bit with cash. I had on the sidelines. I won't get crazy though as i do. Need to maintain my emergency fund plus. I'd like some available cash in keys. Real estate drops again. I may want to pick up another rental or two also. It may be a good time to pick up some high yielding dividend stocks. I probably would. But i haven't yet sorted out my strategy on that subject yet you just listen to the post.

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