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Stor but then transferred to the university of california berkeley to finish out his undergraduate degree and he moved out west pamela his girlfriend slash veon say continued her studies at the university of california santa cruz she had already earned a bachelor's degree in biology and now with studying plant molecular genetics smart lady pierre then went to work for a company called clarice interesting little side note clarice was a subsidiary of apple so i covered this a little bit in the apple story about how the company was trying to deal with software for its macintosh line it had formed claris in nineteen eightyseven when apple needed to devote resources to creating updates to aging software packages like mac draw and mac project pierre was a mac programmer working for apple sort of by way of a subsidiary there was a sweet deal that was on the horizon clarice was poised to spinoff from abc apple and hold its own initial public offering or ip oh employees who had a stake in the company would end up making a lot of money the ipo went well so things were looking up and this is generally how initial public offerings go you normally have employees who have some sort of ownership in the company and when it goes public they ended up getting a reward of stock in the company and if the ipo goes really well then the stock's value increases and thus you can end up becoming wealthy overnight but then in nineteen ninety apple decided it was not going to spin off claris after all and the company would remain a subsidiary under apple that decision prompted the company president that is claire's as company president to leave clarice and that initiated something of an exodus of employees throughout nineteen ninety and ninety one including pierre he decided he was going to leave the company and try something new so.

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