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We'll after years of inferiority for candidate they just opened up saying we all know intimidated to come down to the and play in your own backyard. And i couldn't understand tactically why we seem to have no plan at the onset. Yeah look i think this is. That is the key point. It's you know. I actually think even trump's this idea that you know all these teams and individuals want to beat the. Us they wanna kill them. Because that's what's gonna get them you know. They're equivalent of the nobel peace prize in their own country. It's the. I don't think that these other players other teams think that the us are anywhere near as good as the us seem to think they are and they do think that there is good as then they think they can beat them and this competition. The nature of the octagon wrote the nature of the art. Show the art. Is that you know we're going to see three and a half teams move forward in the world cup's three into the actual competition guitar. Harp gonna go and play against another confederation champion. And there is a lot to play for and these teams all feel like they're in with a shot of making it into those top three and they see us or even mexico is so dominant that they can't like beat them to it. No one is invincible. In the book that is ru three of concacaf and frustrating moment. Right before halftime politic. Hit the post lake a action hero fulling shooting off-balance beautifully off brendan aronson pass. And for a moment in that move you so the us movement the team were the vision centers space that we are capable of that we want the we expect but it was so blood the rally produced on the night. We gotta take a quick detour into the halftime shakes. And you loved it. Possibly the nicest american management of the whole international break so far dax mccarty our pal. Jfk pay on the fox broadcast alongside. Alexi lalas stay to gingy on one. Half timeshare shave this is. This is a historic everyone for football so first of all before we get into that level of of ginger which i think is tweeted even seen on on irish television awful. They don't put that much ginger hair. Yeah on a on any kind of broadcast in ireland. I think their their government regulations against it but poor dak sitting between those two. he just looked. He looked terrified when they went to him. He really looked terrified. I think we tweeted alexi. Lalas breaks down games. His analysis of the united states is as if he is running for senate in alabama. Which were we have to say when he alabama was very right in and say you know what the way speaks about. The united states in these movements makes you want to me. he does. he talks. He doesn't like from footballing perspective. It's he's looking at. Brendan aronson thinking susan b. anthony. He's still looking up he. He's just seeing credible american heroes. All over the failed rising up to fight for nations all not just a recovering flags from battlefields lifting them aloft as fireworks go off on the military. It's like that's says narrative he believes the united states are destined to be the greatest soccer nation in the world because of their americanism and so the every time he sees something which does not compute with that. You literally see his head exploding. He just cannot process while he's watching these. These players are on the failed. They are they are in a remote criss crossing the delaware ultimately. And you know what. I'm not sure he's wrong. I probably feel better if they were Every once in volonte shocked but the the beautiful dax issue was was exquisite. Other countries might be better football and us. But i do doubt that they have the number gingy broadcasting rubbing decision the end of the day. That's all that matters. Ginger right back to the football. Helter skelter tackles planning and second off points. The ref just been like oh this whole if he dies he dies and politic for astray today after. I just much what. He was frustrated. Actor mondays head. I'd guess some of it was with the refereeing and what the defend is able to get away with. I think there was some degree of frustration. His teammates who are not mentally where he wanted them to be. But fifty six minute america dave they only went in scored their first goal of the octopus and it was. It was fantastic suddenly. A move at speeds some penetration Roach a bull down. The flanks of bullet comes into the midland brendan aronson who looked lively all day scored goal good goal celebrations even better a goal of optimism. Curious searching Goals are worth more than just one on the school board. That's what it felt like in a second and when brendan aronson tapped in from close range it felt like a mood changes said x. hail audible across america. We truly needed that. It felt amazing. Parole of six minutes. David canada go up the other end. We'd already seen like you. Know davies really abusing. The american defense like moments of just incredible penetration and dave is again with an incredible mood puts the bull on a plate of alaron. Who's in a bunch of space who puts the ball in the back of the net. Very good goal. I should say. I meet destroyed. Pulled the andrey yet lint roll the bull across the goal and open an open goal allowing even he couldn't miss as john brooks just stood and what's like the rest of this whole.

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