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J. ask out we've been talking about the latest development the latest with a front opening up in this world wide state of semi war we seem to and often open more weaknesses in now is here to join us we haven't talked to him for a while we always look forward to his perspective join join us to talk not just about Iran but perhaps about the state of the the military situation in general is a friend of major Danny sure soon that Danny is a retired US army officer if you haven't seen him on the program before I read his great work is a regular contributor anti war dot com is also appeared in Los Angeles Times nation I'm going to post the hell's going on and so on truth in time to spare his combat duty our server a couple coming up towards a reconnaissance in Iraq and Afghanistan taught history at west point he's been the strategists he's also got a memoir ghost writers of Baghdad soldiers civilians in the myth of the surgeon without any further ado or introduction insurance won't back to the program I'm not I'm glad to be on it's been a little while unfortunately there's this strange dynamic that whenever I come on this show as well as all the other many shows like I want it usually means that something horrific as happened in the world so that's just one of the dark realities of this business for me yeah I think even if you didn't come on the show something horrific what happened I just say it is just you know I think we just have a regular kind of heart beat of like stability and horrible stuff that happens unfortunately correlations not causality is a se but in any case great to have you you've been doing great work before we get into a run I wanted to comment on a couple other pieces you wrote over one for some people because the holiday break and one of them on that I really appreciated it a couple of particular one was on are the Christmas truce couple was nineteen seventeen her early in the first World War it's a story that's been around alleging folklore movies the Amazon after a long time I think there was a period when there was some push back that never really happened it's pocketful what you wrote about it I signed in antiwar dot com was it was meaningful moving to me and and you tied it into what's going on today so first of all that happened right it did up and down the line there were these sort of simultaneous and spontaneous you know a jester's by both sides of specifically British and German but not jobs where in you know both sides in the trenches I understand this December nineteen fourteen okay so war has only been going on since like August fourth or fifth okay so we're talking a four and a half month period when approximately one million soldiers on both sides combined dot were killed there nothing like that had ever happened before in human history quite frankly nothing has really happened since at least at the outbreak of war overall World War two was funnier the soldiers in the trenches van as always were mostly from the working classes they mostly had more in common frankly with the men on the other charges than it did with their senior officers and governmental officials well Germans up and down the line started singing Silent Night in German witches are not all that different from the English language quite frankly they're quite similar soldiers spontaneously against the orders of their officers order senior officers many cases got up out of the trenches and met in the middle of no man's land sometimes they use the opportunity to actually bury the dead because often times it was too dangerous for trigger dad so you know sort of brought out there and ducks brokers mysteries they extreme cigarettes there was singing most people to bring their weapons you know it some historians I want to say was apocryphal but I I think what they may be man's was that this wasn't necessarily organized but I see I think the spontaneity of is the beauty so like I'm happy that it worked out that way because I think what it shows is but you know and you guys know that I'm sort of on the left in an economic sense but I think it shows the class consciousness the class solidarity of those fighting these wars you know they were strong socialist parties and strong social democratic parties and movements within all of the major glittering powers especially the western powers and so you know there was this sense of commonality with with the opponent now almost all social and just about every social Democrat did eventually back their own country nationalism over powered class solidarity sadly as it always has for the most part section hi yes so this this is what went on what I think is interesting about it is the response sometimes the nature or the significance of an event can be measured passed by its response the response was from all the way up high quality down to the second lieutenant they were told the officers were told never let this happen again on either side what does that tell us it tells us the powers that be at the time were up great correct motivated by fear because this had the potential to to take down the warfare system and so what I argued is now of course what were once probably the most illogical and perhaps the most absurd work for.

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