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I'm Gordon Deal along with Jennifer Kushinka on this Tuesday, November thirteen thanks for being with us. Here's what we have for. You this hour at thirty say at least forty two people have died from the so-called campfire in northern California. It's now the deadliest wildfire in state history in politics democrat, Chris Huston cinema wins the Arizona Senate race swollen Florida questions about why Broward County election officials still has a job. And the man behind marvel comics says died, STAN Lee, creator of characters like spider man, and the incredible hulk was ninety five and the US is now on a path to spend more on debt then on programs like defense interest payments that we're actually not that high. Starting to change as a fat is starting to raise rates again, the projection for some of these numbers are really astonishing respect the Congressional Budget Office within just a couple of years, just the interest payments on our debt are going to be as much as we spend on the entire Medicaid program. Wall Street Journal reporter key Davidson on newfound debt, concerns. It's the greatest loss of life from a wildfire in California history. Authorities now say forty two people have died from the so-called campfire in northern California that mostly burned the entire town of paradise Butte county sheriff Corey Honi says search teams yesterday found the bodies of thirteen additional victims he said two hundred twenty eight people were officially listed as missing in the disaster. But added that his office had received requests to check on the wellbeing of more than fifteen hundred people of those cases, two hundred thirty one of turned up safe. Gary Connor and his wife Marilyn. Lost their home and thrift store in paradise total loss. No doubt about that. Lasts seven years. Bill. Miss out. And. More build the bulk of the destruction and loss of life occurred in and around the town of paradise were flames reduced most of the buildings to ashes and rubble Thursday night, just hours after the blaze began the bodies of some of the camp fire victims were found in burned-out wreckage of fleeing vehicles that were overrun by walls of fire. Turning to politics democrat pulls off a rarity in Arizona congresswoman Kirsten cinema has been declared the winner of Arizona's US Senate race the first democrat in thirty years to win election to the upper chamber, she defeated Republican congresswoman Martha mcsally who conceded, even with the window. Republicans maintained control of the Senate. She replaces Republican Senator Jeff flake who chose to retire when his public disputes with President Trump appeared to hurt his reelection prospects miss cinema whose forty-two campaigned as a conservative democrat after beginning her political career as a liberal employed by Ralph Nader's two thousand green party presidential campaign. I tried hard to help others. See our common humanity and find our common ground, and I'm proud of how this approach has worked miss cinema will become the first openly bisexual member of the US Senate when she takes office in January when she was first elected to congress in two thousand twelve she was the first member to list her religion. As none. Something weird is going on in Broward County, and it's impacting the election results. In Florida's top races in the heavily democratic county in southeastern Florida evidence points to a combination of possible voting machine errors badly crafted ballots and some voters who skipped certain races on the ballots. But what's not weird is that democrat, Brenda Snipes? The head of Broward county's election office finds herself facing questions about bungled elections. So says Anisa bios political reporter with the Naples daily. News part of the USA today network. Ana what's up here? Advisor for elections friend science have had a few issues over the last fifteen year. She was appointed in twenty two thousand three by governor, Jeb Bush. She has been presiding over the elections office in Broward that in twenty sixteen for example, that most high profile..

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