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With the, he was like, I'm bringing a cash game player on coach Brad Wilson and a lot of his stuff was there was a lot of tournament stuff and there was some cash stuff, but not like as much. And I mean, I like tournaments, but I only like to play the really good, deep structures just 'cause I'm more of a cash game player. So I don't like the turbo tournament and you know all the small structures and that type of thing. So I was like, oh, sweet, like they're going to get a cash game coach. This is awesome. So then I don't know if it was your first video or what, but I think it was like poker language and you were talking about poker language and different concepts. It's been a while since I watched the videos so I don't remember it quite that much, but I was like, oh wow, dang, this is kind of a different approach that coach Brad is taking and saw I liked your style and then you talked about case in poker greatness. And I was like, oh, what's that? And then you talked about your slack group. So right away, you know, I hopped on, I created a slack account, got it, got the invite, got accepted into the group. And I guess at the same time, it was kind of what I was looking for was kind of a smaller tighter community, something where you could kind of get like more feedback from really good players and even yourself like you'll still provide feedback and something that's pretty active to where you're message or maybe you're a hand history post won't get lost because, you know, poker coach and dot com. I mean, they have a great site, but they have a lot of users. And so a lot of that stuff can get lost in translation. People won't reply to your hand histories and so once I found this greatness village that was a smaller community and had more feedback, I just kind of became hooked and then you had talked about pre flop boot camp I don't know if you remember, but I kept emailing you questions about it because once I got to the village, I was like, oh, okay. I like this village, but I think they're more like online grinders and, you know, that's kind of a little bit different format than a live poker scene. And so I kept asking you all kinds of questions like, well, can I apply this to, you know, live games or live situations and pretty much like you're like, well, yeah, like it's still a foundation. It's still a really good foundation that every poker player needs in their toolbox..

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