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Is associate dean and senior economist at the C. you lead school of business Dr Richard Watkins thanks for the time we appreciate it all my pleasure thanks for having me on checking it right now it's seven twenty nine with John Morris morning on tackling on the phone we're doing pretty good this morning it looks like like traffic again this morning but we have our slow down like that he's bound to seventy drive around York and westbound are right around Vasquez that's pretty jammed up bright sun is in your face is warning that's making that drive off a little bit later than normal on that the six that you drive your I. seventy drive to eighty five C. four seventy all you respond route still make it a pretty tough we got one crash down in the Texan Arapahoe and green plaza Boulevard so expect delays there would you drive really in pretty good shape this one high country snows we up in the high country J. laws drags along on I. seventy at the Eisenhower Johnson tunnels and the veil bass and US six Loveland pass this report is once by rocket mortgage by quicken loans home is more than a house it's a feeling of open roads of blue skies rocket mortgage help millions of Americans finance all their dreams and they can help you to rocket mortgage push button get mortgage next update in ten minutes on gateway newsradio eight fifty A. M. a ninety four one FM to the minute coronavirus information on your radio and at your fingertips find us on Facebook and on Twitter at J. O. a Colorado news time seven thirty here on Colorado's morning news on KOAA news radio April and Marty with you this morning fox thirty one pinpoint whether thirty four right now going to be in the low sixties today looking into the mid to high sixties tomorrow in Thursday now.

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