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Just seems like What is going on with like is there a birth certificate here like if you thought you have a baby you give it a name and then that's it I eight. You can wait. Wait to name it. They could have announced the name but not a few people. You can wait a while before you know. It was like a twitter handle where you just like. Change it to whatever you feel like at any point. Oh you can't do that when you're verified once you're locked in along that check mark I think but I could probably verified Yeah the baby is pry verify can have to keep. It's at least it's twitter handle. Yeah okay now Danny are you somebody who struggles with making decisions or you very much like you are very resolute in terms of what you WanNa do and there's not much going back and forth for you? I'd like to think that I'm the kind of person who you know narrows my options than just chooses. One Yeah I don't sit there whereas the woman I'm married to go. Oh my gosh. Never ceases to discuss her options. She didn't she could definitely use what you're about to talk about okay. Well a new study from the University of Chicago says that people are happier when they leave their decisions to the flip of a coin sense. I love it I love it. I think it's it gives you a clear like there. We go and then you don't have to question back and forth you. Just do it a lot of these decisions really in the grand scheme. Probably don't matter and you're going to be fine making a decision. Yeah so yeah exactly. By the time you flipping the coin you've narrowed down your options to almost all. The options are acceptable and would are pretty close in terms of how they'll end up with you being happy. You know what I mean. It's like you've already narrowed it down any this what I always tell Liz of Mike. Now you've got three options for options. Those are all good. You could pick any of them. You can have anybody pick one of them and it would still turn out and make you happy yeah. I think there's a lot to this or make sense. Where if I make a bad decision. I'm beating myself up. Why did I watch the movie? Et See what you're saying. Yeah and now I flip the coin like all right. I guess I have to do it. I didn't decide this was Michael Bitcoin. Yeah it's all the coins I didn't. I went to that. Strip club because the coin told me too. Yeah right yeah that's true. I didn't I wasn't wasn't me I was yeah. The coin the coin. Get Mad at the coin. The coin takes on a lot of power Really does but the thing is it becomes your God. Yeah well people pray for these decisions all the time and they don't get any answer and so to have this instead of being like no answer was my answer. Why don't make an APP that is like a virtual coin flip? They probably aren't questions. And what about magic eight ball would imagine gate ball also be what about any? Yeah what about one? Rob Has one in his hand as we speak. So why isn't Danny? Yeah why are you using it to make your decisions because it's got to be as good as oh well? Maybe maybe I do. Yeah I mean. I don't think that the important decisions in life. I think he got to use your brain. There's a reason that we have brains. Probably and so. I think utilize your brain to come up with your best interest but some decisions. Just don't matter Those ones you can leave to acquaint rather than stress over. So if there's ones where you're deliberating back and forth back and forth back and forth and it's not important it's not going to change the course of your life when it just use a coin flip. Get it over with and make your decision. 'cause there's like going out to eat it's like I if I know somebody I know. They'RE TASTES. I know they're going to choose a decent restaurant then. I don't care where we go because every menu is going to have something that I'm going to enjoy. This is great because now I'm going to use the coin where my wife says like A. What do you want to do? All right? Heads is heads this pizza tails up get. Hey don't blame me. That was the coin. So I'm making the coin but I'm also I have some plausible deniability here. Here's a quote your with data blame. Society teaches us. Quitters never win and winners never clean but in reality the data for my experiment suggests we would all be better off if we did more quitting that. I'm going to if I ever give a commencement speech that line is going out with. Danny be great to give a commencement speech Tyson. He would be great. Could you give one now for the graduating seniors? Dan My gosh how to compete with all the great. Commencement speech is coming out of Hollywood and Washington DC. I wouldn't. I wouldn't dare dare not this year this year. Now things are really bad next year. You can call on me. I will give you. I think you would be a great person. Maybe you should give one on instagram. Maybe I should. I would be good. I don't give away free but I feel like the the young people would listen to you. You know they do. I have a lot of young listeners and I appreciate them and I give advice when I can but my advice is not correct but it worked for me. I have always going along the lines of quitting more often. I've always been a solid. No Man no I say. Yes to new this but if there's something I definitely don't want to do I don't say maybe I don't say yes because of guilt I say no because it's easier to say no once and have an awkward moment than to say maybe one hundred times and keep getting hassled for it or just so yes and then come up with an excuse so saying no is maybe a minor discomfort for fifteen seconds but once you say no. It's all done. What are your commencement speech? Yeah she's just give it real man no man. That's a good lots of good way to start grabs attention. People are now listening. What does he mean being no mania? And then you've got him with that little story you're done. Here's what I'm GONNA do Tyson. Okay Yeah I'm going to say hey. I recently have found that. I am much happier when I let this coin. Make all my decisions so this thing that you are suggesting to me sounds interesting. GonNa flip the consult the coin and then get a double no sided coin. And then who up tails. Yeah then in control then you avoid that fifteen seconds reminded me of Jeff. This reminds me of a bob episode. Which one with the conscience can't when they ask the conscious just worked out great for Spongebob? Patrick consult a magic cahnge whereas squidward refuses you participate in the CONSC- queries and his life. Just spirals out of control. Yeah so that's that's pretty good evidence right there you're looking for years that coined that no coin and use it all the time right. Yeah ANONYMOUS AMAZON DOT COM double tailed quarter seven ninety five free shipping boom. Why why would you get a double tell? Because you'd say heads no tails now..

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