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Preparation. A very unusual start to his life. In this, he spent a long time in point to points. In Ireland, you might run twice in a point to point, and then that's it. You're sold. For some reason in the UK, this fellow ran to come doing this. He ran into point to point, then he ran in a bumper, he finished 5th. When back into pointer points, so ended up running in one, two, three, four, 5, 6 points. Goes to font well. Because straight over offenses wins, Carlyle straight of offenses wins, chips to over hurdles, falls. What are these small obstacles? What is this crap? But back over fences, he's now four from four. As you said, he's won at lingfield. Was that part of the millions weekend? It was the Surrey national chase. So he's won that at a decent price. And he has it was part of the millions weekend, wasn't it? I think it might have been. Well, there was the weatherbee's children festival bedding guide hurdle that Bruni pa storm one, so it was definitely the millions weekend because I know that due to our partnership with weather bees. So I'm delighted for him that he's come along this way. And so I did for Ben Clark as well, who seems to be a proper gentleman in his horses or in tremendous war. So yeah, it's a good thing to see. So well done to them. And I did feel a little bit sorry for Bristol tonight, and I could, I could see, I could picture Rory's allergy and the tear just coming down from his face. As his beloved Bristol domain ran such an honorable race, but he did improv. Does he know when's the Reynolds down chase for Kim Bailey and David bass beating doyenne breed, who was my selection? By 14 lengths, he thumped me Freud and fernhill. Well, we won't even mention them from listen Rory. And coric rambler unseated his rider. He was making headway and just makes a mistake in the writer comes out the front door during Fox. I believe the Scottish grand national remains the plan. What did you make of does he know? Does he know? Yeah, very enthusiastic this talk. I mean, he was taken down to post early, wearing a hood so I think he's pretty much a bit of a handful, I think. You can see that in the early part of his racist very enthusiastic jump, but my goodness, to win a three mile chase on soft ground aspect by 14 lengths. I mean, I think everybody woke up, didn't they and thought, okay, this horse could be pretty serious. I mean, in the parties, you know, he's got good form and graded races. So perhaps he's gone under the radar a little bit and then suddenly burst onto the scene this season with his novice chase, chasing exploits, you know, that's his third win now. Go and chasing and Kim Bailey does very, very well. With chases. So yeah, I think they've done very well with this horse. I think he's not easier at all. Just looking at how he was in the prelims and things and he was very enthusiastic in the early parts of the races and I thought, my goodness, you can't jump position enthusiastically for three miles, but he didn't. He's outstayed them all, and yeah, he could have been very, very good performance. It's going to be day one of cheltenham for him. He is 12 to one for the national hunt chase. It's either that or the ultimate or a second favorite. So what would you do with them? Would you stay the handicapped rouge or would you go into greater company? Well, I mean, I think the national hunt challenge cup that race is a slog, isn't it really? Three months 6. I think he'd be better suited to something else to be honest. I think he, I think he's, as I said, he's very enthusiastic. Probably a bit classy as well. Quite classy, I think. I think if you can win a grade too like that, which for years, the trends were, oh, don't back horses who've won this at children. And then it changed. I think it was a John O'Neill horse who helped me out help me out with folks. This is John O'Neill who won this race and then went on and warned the jlt who became a bit of a legend. He kept on winning at the Shelton festival. He actually raced in the Trevor hemings. So why am I not remembering his name? Somebody helped me out. We'll send you a mug. By the way, I bought and fired the distributor. So you'll all everybody who won previously will have mugs coming soon. I paid for those. I was told they were delivered, and then I start getting messages from this and it was going my milk hasn't arrived. So yeah, apologies, but we're getting it sorted free and you'll have, you'll have your final formal podcast Mark. Coming to you this week or next week. So I'd like to see him I'd nearly go the national chase with him. I nearly go for that, but the ultimate could be there to be exposure. Who knows? But does he know, is definitely a horse who was very much under the radar, as you said, and he's going to be a gel and player. He will be a horse that we'll be talking about at children previews. More on that to come. So Molly Ollie's wishes ends up being pulled up, Thomas Darby. Warned you, pulled up a baton, pulled up. Third wind, my selection ends up being beaten 42 lengths. Top Phil Ben didn't perform at all. And holston ends up slamming them all by 13 links. At minimum 22 lengths for third wind, he's 11. A tremendous stuff singing bounce back like this. I'm particularly may I add that he was off the track since November 2020. Yeah, unbelievable. What was that 455 days off? The racecourse and I trust your math. Yeah. Thanks. Well, no, I think fantastic training points from Nigel twist and Dave was this horse is a horse who has some very, very good form in the book. Did you look down the years? I mean, he's run into his hurdles contention, he's a horse I've always liked in those sorts of divisions staying hurdles. So I thought, watching this race top ville Ben, I mean very rare appearance for him over hurdles, but I thought turning into the home straight, I thought the race was at his mercy, and I thought he was awesome to beat, but wholesome is just grinding it out. So for him to do that in those conditions, after a long layoff to be that fit, very, very impressive. I mean, this is a horse in the party. He has one handicap races off a very lofty Mark. I think he's one off a mark of a 158 in the past in a handicap hurdle. So nearly top weight, so he is used to these sorts of conditions, but this is very very good performance. I mean, I think a few people will be disappointed with them more wishes pulling up it's almost the first to pull up. He was pointing Thomas Derby was disappointing as well, but I think probably more wishes was the most disappointing given the fact that she was very fancy going to the race, has a lot going for her seemingly the future was looking bright for her. So they will be disappointed. I think with her performance, but holston is pulled out the fire and great day for the twist and David's guard. Far from an ideal preparation for money all these wishes. I know that things had gone wrong in the lead up to the race in that as she was being saddled. Her one of her Heinz shoes came off and the decision was made by down skeleton to remove the other one. And she was, I take into account the fact that she was carrying a 7 pound penalty against the geldings. And she's becoming brawled.

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