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We heard of James. That was the funniest thing ever city. Tulsa Ok so we get we get to really like Shit Dive Bar. Okay and like. I'm with the owner of one of the nightclubs. Thanks to his friends bar gas and it was just like sticky floors to the Max Rainbow. Lights like Christmas lights on the wall. And that's what you get like a piss hall when the coal and so I like I knew. This place is packed packed and the killing loud music in this drink spilling everywhere. I've got my off lights on like I don't feel good so I get to the bar on the other side and my friends actually with me rubs in town and me and horror but just looking around like Oh my God. What the Hell's going on these two girls kind of backup so this girl. She Orders Tequila shots and the other one says like. Oh you took my Tequila shots and that it had something happened where the girl doesn't even drink but the go insisted that she took a Tequila shot and she he she then proceeded to get into the section that I was in. Okay next thing. We know this one girl puts down the Tequila shot and punches. This won't go in the face. What the other one literally punched back within point two three right and we're both face heads and like a lacy is literally blood. Splatter and I I turn around and I run to the kegs where they the kegs behind the bar and I was just trying to hide and next thing you know I hear Bitch Pitch Pitch and it just it was awful so you know obviously I want to leave. The venue after fire breaks out. It's just not my place anymore. I get to the alley. And who do I see in the alley with a bloody lip? Okay that girl though in the fight and she's bouncing on the wall looking at me. Say James Privacy. You not a fighter James Privacy. Not Fodder rallied escalade. We gotta get into the show so the escalade doors swing open. I jump in. And then as she said she just wasn't a vita that goes back at it. I don't know how security hasn't done anything. Plus both their husbands are just watching this. Go Down Walking. Yes yes both their husbands one of them's a doctor had dinner with him and he was what the dinner and then actually this one girl this one girl. I think she was on pills or something. She comes up to me and she's like her. Name's not your name's Michael and I was like what you know. James Kennedy. We just had dinner. Don't book.

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