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Awesome. That sounded consuming and then. was going to say about the book. The book with the exact title is who who's fork. Is it anyway and author? Is You have yourself? Let's I presume. Is Tony Debris as author? can people that online where can is just Amazon or So, they can find it online on. Re launched. WHO's Farkas Anyway and I know the relaunches on Barnes and noble website so my? Excuse me. My mother books straight up from the tea. Cup is actually in the store, Barnes and noble, and of course is on Amazon and Bars Noble. Did you can find it a on on any. It's online. A leave you with this final word to anybody who who happens to be listening. What positive message or word of inspiration would you like to leave with others today? I am going to lead my quote, which is improving me as value to the way I see. That's awesome that is that's really a good one. That's my business. Motto also improved them me as value to the way I see you. This has been a very charming interview and. I want to thank you very much for coming on. And we have been speaking to Tony. Do Pre and again. She is the founder and president of Etiquette and style I do pre. She just mentioned a whole bunch of places that you can find her online. She's definitely worth a a good search finder on Tiktok. There's some really. Really toe-tapping fun videos on there that you've done you, you know you you. You come across very well video. I'm not necessarily. Orient I've always tease people. I got a face for radio. That's the other it is. But you very fantastic. I'm telling you. You can lift anybody's move a wonderful. Thank you much Tony for being here. Thank you! Thank you for having me absolutely just to tell the audience again. Billy Dis. You can find the billy podcasts pretty much anywhere. PODCASTS are found apple podcast spotify radio on down the line, and you can find me on twitter, and you can tweet me at billy. Dis. You just have to be nice. You don't have to agree. Venus and they always say that it's not just because don't easier. Thank you very much checking out our guest today and we'll be back again next week. Well everyone I am. From the self titled, Billy, Dis by guest you can find me on apple podcasts Stitcher tune-in iheartradio, and many more of the best podcasts networks. Join me for my commentary and interviews. Follow me on. Twitter released defined. Ask Billy Dis I am. Love to have you listen in..

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