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Tour vacation two weeks of tour and then two weeks of vacation. So how was coming back to New York City. It's a boy nice. It's good neighborhoods you've rats. Well there's construction in our neighborhood. They take down a building the thousand rats that live there fan out into the neighborhoods right. They don't know where to go where to go. They're trying to find out though. Yeah I remember coming home from a vacation and walking into the door just like living one bedroom apartment but all the windows were closed and everything so when I opened the door the guest of the door opening cause to framed photos to fall onto the floor and smash and then I walked in and there was smashed glass everywhere and one giant dead water bug just being like I've been here and it was lovely until they framed photo felon. We've been amazing guests on the show tonight. Yes so excited. Comic writer actor Juror. Julio Torres will be joining us if you're not familiar with his work and you're watching Saturday night live and you find on yourself going. That was kind of weird. That was Julio tors work I mean he finds humor humor and absurdity in a lot of everyday objects like a sink that is too large or the font papyrus or the act of writing a check. He's he's kind of like an observational comic for another dimension. Like I think he would kill at a museum gift shop. Julio also has a collection of fake diamonds and unfortunately I just found out I do too we also game about real estate in the show. I have a reoccurring dream where I'm falling downstairs and I wake up in the morning going. I have stairs sad little New York orcs studio dream all right. Let's do let's play some games. Everybody let's play.

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