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At the senate to me mr producer i can't find it i'm afraid all right let's take a call here jim irvington new jersey the great wabc go very nice to talk to your mark i just gotta say these couple of things and then i'll shut up first of all john bolton stole citizenship to israeli israel hey hey dummy he does not have dual citizenship with israel he's got those senatorship pad tension to me you moron he does not have dual citizenship with israel go back to the rock under from what you crawl you moron get off the phone you idiot doesn't have dual citizenship with israel sec well we started off with a good one there jason springfield illinois the great wti exco art van the grade one how you doing i'm fine go right ahead sir my biggest question is we're we're every time we get rid of somebody from the white house cabinet we always select somebody else like he's done he's selections from the cia in my what all right why the hell am i going to the calls anyway why am i gonna the calls anyway all right let's see here hold on a second i got something here here we go i did the math.

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