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We're brought to you by AllState this season. AllState is letting fans know that football season is mayhem. A mayhem moment is any good or bad, but definitely memorable thing is happened in college football that fourth down, stop over the weekend and Happy Valley. For example, of course, mayhem moment is also something that could happen while you're off the field or something like a car wreck on the way home from the game. Of course, it's the mayhem moment that happens off the field that AllState can help you with Kirk is an expert in may him on the field. AllState is an expert in mayhem off the field and Herbie yet mayhem on the college game day bus, and I was going to be here with your view on Herbie and fix what the hell was the bear doing with a soccer game on the the game day bus with all those TV's and it was like soccer top left, man. I don't know. He, he, he and Fowler we get on the AllState boss. And I, I told you highlight of the week for me is about twelve twenty three PM eastern Saturday afternoon, because game day is over sprint onto the AllState bus dark cold games on bears in charge of the clippers front left. He's in charge, get him up. Get them signed up here. Let's get our top five games on. We get them all lined up. And usually he does a very, very good job. He's very accountable in that regard as far as getting the games on and we put the best game of of that particular window in the big screen. We've got four other TV's around the big one in the middle and life is good. Air conditioning set at about sixty five rooms, dark to bear off, passes out. BIC jackets off. Bear usually passes out. You know, usually just before the half, he'll start this nor and pass out. And usually I'll go over and kinda give them an elbow just to make sure he's still in play. And typically it's a normal week, right until we do till we go out to cover the eight o'clock game will for whatever reason has. I'm talking about Trevor Lawrence in his injury. I'm talking to bear on a video. We put up on social media and I'm getting his feedback on on what's going on. And I said, what's going on in West Virginia, Texas tack. And I looked at the next screen screen too, and there was a premier soccer games. The disgust in your voice. Serious about it. I said, bear, what is a soccer game doing on my screen to over here? Will we? We're supposed to have a game on it Arlen window right there and he's gone now, but it's I don't even know who it was Manchester somebody and you know this again, I I know there are lots of soccer fans out there and God bless you. I just don't happen to be one. I like to World Cup every four years. Other than that, I don't know anything about the Premier League. So he was explaining to me, it was him against Fowler there to favorite teams on he was dead serious watching the game. And I just said, you know, we're, of course concerned about Trevor Lawrence at his health, but we gotta figure out screen two, we gotta get in here another shoot. We gotta find a game here, man, let's go so we it wasn't wasn't outstanding sleet last Saturday when hard to find a game and he, he also he and Fowler also sneak in like of course he gets occasionally, they'll. A horse race for him onscreen to you, always goes bottom left because he's up there closest to that area and he'll try to sneak like a horse race in the that. He's like the third leg of a pick fives like he'll do that or or early in the year during US open tennis foul sneak in a tennis match..

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