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Title odds are not looking good at the moment we'll say i'm no i'm not here to answer questions israel israel would go is the tentative there's nothing to do with the real madrid site of things asking yet barcelona question that was more the unstoppable terminology more more so than unstoppable athletic frank dunn they at the moment elephants all its looking britain up s hours unstoppable four groups unstoppable well i think that liberal great well a mole find anywhere else who bus mona not to task we cannot say league histone unstoppable unstoppable i saw just 'cause i'm picks up name dad gap what do you think i'd let the unstoppable the looked unstoppable until now but obviously they're they're they're playing barcelona persona were great last week weekend i don't think they were great in the weeks leading up to it by saying that they're strive it's going to be really tough but i'll say this how good would it have been if if they'd somehow gotten out of their champions league group and they were hitting their stride right now with diego cost on board and playing like this in the champions league as we mentioned that it's passed against last com asked tomorrow obviously powell set fire favorites gutting said in boston seven a draw followed the samples of uh there's no orange bill let's part us.

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