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Do you believe in the public execution of anybody who commits any crime listed as a capital crime in the old testament by which innocent parties gained divorce i think so but okay i'm not sure about the whole list could we restrict it to something but i go to rush uni lists listed it's it's the remember it's on page five four the institute so the reason i think i've been reading institutes for my first for the first time all three of his books you've got well you don't really have to read the first phone and i think bonds kurd out it's the same page i think it's five four and theon and christian ethics depending on which type said version you get he's got the list it's about it's about twenty items okay so you execute anybody who commits those items male or female certainly male well then you don't have to have a divorce the victimized party remarries jesus didn't live in that society jesus lived in a roman society there wasn't any available divorce on that basis so he was trying to deal judicially speaking with what constitutes a divorce if the person has not created a crisis situation for himself by violating one of the capital crimes which would mean it's divorced by execution that's what rush junie talks about what we don't live in that society now frankly i think would probably better if we did but we don't so then the question is on what basis is their divorce in the answer is covenant will death.

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