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Which one is NC state outscored the hurricanes by thirteen in the second half. They top Miami eighty seven eighty two Gary haughn with the call and the Wolfpack sports network. The scores Indiana handle, Illinois Seventy-three, sixty five. Minnesota surprised Wisconsin fifty nine fifty two. The Purdue rocked Iwa eighty six to seventy off the court, Oregon. Freshman bowl bowl is done for the year after having foot surgery. He's expected to rehab and get ready for the NBA draft lamps. It'll be shorthanded once again where they take on Alabama for the national championship on Monday night. No surprise, but it was made official the three players that tested positive for a banned. Substance will be suspended then includes starting defensive lineman, Dexter Lawrence. Redskins. Linebacker Ruben foster had the misdemeanor charges of domestic violence dropped against him in Florida. However, it's possible he could still face disciplinary action by the NFL. Fifteen finalists were ads for the pro football hall of fame. It's highlighted by first timers at read champ Bailey. Antonio Gonzales along the first time finalist. Tom Flores won a pair of Super Bowls is head coach of the raiders for baseball Phillies. Get a nice piece to the back of the bullpen. Come to church. David Robertson, two years Twenty-three million. I'm Marco balletti. This is Tiki and Tierney. We've got the sports world covered eastern Pacific right here on CBS sports radio. Your mind. You're listening to after hours when they were together people they're not going to win together. They're not gonna win. They keep trying their the ugly red headed stepchild pants. I love you reserve the right to change your opinion. Change your tune change your story at the drop of a hat. Okay. Okay. All right. Okay. All right. I'm sorry. Okay. You either a superhero or your available? I love you..

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