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Ask honestly is Adam venit. Terry does Adam venit Terry goes over what? Now, like two decades in the NFL and ask them what they used to do to the tips of footballs to smash them down and try to make sure that they were like soccer balls, see rich. Apparently now, again, we're getting into the whole revisionist history here for someone like rich. But apparently only the patriots. Or whatever team Bill Belichick was associated with at that time. They were the only ones who were taking those footballs after they were in the dryer and smashing down the tips of those balls. So they didn't say more like footballs air, Mullick soccer, balls, right? But the NFL put in a whole new role years ago about the balls that were used for passing in the balls that were used for kicking now enriches world apparently that was only because of the New England Patriots and in the nineties if you went to watch the football game. I'm sure you would never be able to find another kicker in the history of the league who was pressing down on that ball and trying to smash down the tip of the ball. Which is now almost impossible to do because the footballs aren't the same. There's the kicking balls. And then there's the balls that everybody else uses. But again only from them, right? No one has ever committed a salary cap violation in the history of the National Football League. No one no one has. Then the patriots. And again, you took away the footballs in the game against the colts. And they won forty five to seven and then won a Super Bowl. Well, I guess those football's really mattered. I guess they really mattered. You know, the Denver Broncos never circumvented the salary cap ninety six through ninety eight. Oh, no. There was never any of that. There's just crazy. Al Davis barking up a storm. Or I don't know the fact that the Denver Broncos were apparently involved in a whole spy gate situation as well. But you're going to tie to the guy who was you know, in the patriots organization, but another organization allow that to happen in you would think rich that since you think the rest of the world is on the up and up how in the world can of a good wholesome organization. Like, the Denver Broncos ever engage in anything like this. There's an old wine from the great wrestling manager. Bobby the brain Heenan, God rest, his soul. And Bobby the brain Heenan used to say when if he can lose if you must but always cheat. The worst thing that the NFL did. Was allow these kinds of stories to get out because in the nineties everybody thinks that maybe the NFL was on the up and up. The difference was the Commissioner then Paul Tagliabue was better at not bringing situations like this to the forefront. But again, if you would like to educate yourself, rich, go to your team, cheats dot com, I'm not taking the patriots off the hook not one bit. But if you think spy gate matters as to why they gotta buy this year. Then you're nuts. And apparently Tom Brady last year who won an MVP and had a great season and this year by Brady standards will still really good. But not what he wants was. I guess Tom Brady's 2017 MVP was luck. And they must have been doing something else for the football. Right. Rich. Really? I mean, they really I'm sure you and your crack staff are going to get to it. Everybody cheats. Let's not act like this pollyanna as I said, it's a fifteen billion dollar industry and on its way to maybe being a twenty five billion dollar industry every year. You don't think people are looking for advantages to get ahead. Are you nuts? I love the NFL. You think everybody out there isn't on or that a bunch of guys that are out. There aren't on something even if it is an anabolic steroids, which is the stuff that is definitely band. I know that because I know my history from nineteen eighty seven. You'll think somebody's on something. You're not. Ronnie in Washington, hang tight coming to you. Eight five five two one two four CBS eight five five two one two four two two seven is the gresh show on CBS sports radio CBS, sports radio dot com. This is the story.

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