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Terms of those injured players while not partaking in those who friends or any of to saw the visit tucson son. Let's move on to a couple of the interviews that i did on. We'll be starting first with all the ross. I talk about some of the that he has had outside of the colorado rapids. Being you know. I would say one of the most this is gonna sound weird but purist rapids homegrown in that. He was one of the first editions to the rapids academy. He was there pretty much from the first year that the da was in existence. And now it's come to fruition in the form of him joining the colorado rapids and then michael edwards whose con done more of a. They're back again from growing up in virginia being a part of the d. c. academy having an interesting experience in the wolfsberg academy with wolfsburg eighteen in the fourth division in germany the regionally nor so to really good conversations to really good interviews where we get to know the players get another asan they could bring to. The rap isn't what their goals are for. The twenty twenty one season will be starting with all the ause where i start the interview by telling him that i am ginger. And wishing him a happy saint patrick's day rescind fabric house. Preseason going so far you know. Are you getting along with the team. And have you made any new friends from some of the other first team players preaching going well Kind of is expected difficult tiring but you know really good learning experience and then as far as new friends go. Yeah i mean pretty much all of them really cool team and and there's really all only good characters on this team so you know you turn a corner and you need a new guys. It's really interesting and helpful There's a lot of really strong veterans particularly at the midfield position. We talk about jack price. Who is the captain. Last year and kelvin cole. Who've started to get into the national team you know have you developed any sort of mentor relationships. Is anybody really taking you under your wing to help you show the ropes. All those people you mentioned As well as like unison armley it really helps me with attacking scenarios and just you know. He's a great guy to watch because he does things that you don't see but definitely jack prices. Well i mean he's such a professional everything he does and and the way he handled situations on the field so i guess and try to kind of be his under study and kind of see what he does and why he does it and things like that so it's been a good experience in terms of rapids homegrown. Recently you're one of the longer tenured. Youth players remember colin. Sam we're at other clubs in the front range and then joined the rapids as teenagers. You were. I think nine or ten years old when you join the club. What do you remember about joining the club. And you know does that journey feel like it's come full circle and you now being a pro with the rapids started pretty much when the academy started from my age. 'cause i'm only like ten minutes from the stadium my entire life. That's where i live so yeah just for to you know start there ten years ago from now and then finally come full circle and to be involved in the first team in the group that i watch for so long as it's special you know it makes it definitely a little bit more special to me. I remember coal now. Granted he signed with the club. I think in june or july so it was in mid season so that was kind of weird timing but he mentioned how it took a couple months for it to like feel normal and then settle in and kind of get grounded. Does it is. It's starting to feel normal. Say ali the roz professional soccer player for the colorado rapids. Or is the kind of new shine. Still giving you a bit of a buzz is definitely still have been with you guys for a little while. Now it's you still don't really realize it until certain things happen. People recognize you. See yourself somewhere. You're just like man. That's crazy that i'm actually in that position. Now i'm definitely a little bit In disbelief. I wanna talk about your time in germany at deuce berg. I hope i'm pronouncing that correctly. I know your time might have been a disappointment in that. You didn't get a first team contract but you were a teenager. Living in another country speaking another language in experiencing different environment to the rapids that i have to imagine helped you grow as a player. How did your time in germany. You know change and help you as a person and a professional. Yeah more than anything i did. It did just kind of get out of my comfort zone. Because i've been in same situation for so long and i felt like in order to grow and he did that And it definitely was. you know. there's some difficult time to learn how to live by myself and make decisions for myself and in the long run. I'm really glad. I did it. Because i think when i came back from that I was better as a person off the field and and a little bit tougher on the field as well. So i improved on areas of my game that i wouldn't have been able to if i hadn't test myself in and out of my comfort zone. How's your german. And have you spoken. Thought michael edwards yet locate. I've lost Quite a bit of now. I know we usually conversion english. More comfortable absolutely okay. Similarly i wanna know about your time at barcelona academy in arizona. What was that like. And how would you rate yourself Compared to the rest of the team in terms of five to rondo definitely a great experience. i went there and i wouldn't really know what to expect but immediately it was an extremely high level of professionalism especially from a youth academy and the way that the players handle themselves in the organization altogether Which was really nice. Unfortunately it was cut short for me because of an injury and just because of covid but yeah they placing good soccer and and the five g to rondo was was quite quick. Good stuff. I want to know about your style of play. Obviously you would have been watching the rapids in the heyday of midfielders. When it came to the latter part of pablo mastroeni career. Sam cronin jeff larentowicz and then obviously the first team players now. Is there a player. Either who you watched in the past or you watch right now picked anybody from mls or the national team europe who you watch and you see a lot of yourself in or that you try to emulate help you grow and that's a good question. I try and kind of go after roy. Frank young these midfield. There's that are both good attacking and and defensively. I'd say more so almost franken young when he's getting a little bit more of an attacking position. 'cause i like to do both sides of the game and still get into the attack so i think he's a really good example of how to control the game and be a smart player. I've had this. I've had this conversation with kohl a couple of times. Kind of his role within the team has evolved. So i'm not gonna hold you to this at all. But i think it's a fun little starting off point. You know in that regard to your point. Do you see yourself more as a number eight in the three man midfield kind of tennis player. And then you mentioned You know having a relationship with jack price. Who's more of a who is the closest thing to a number six and obviously a very active versatile midfield robin frazier's trying to play this year. Yeah i mean. I could see myself in all three of those positions six eight ten and and to be completely honest. I don't really have a preference as to which one i go to especially like you said in the midfield that we run. It's very fluid and you get into situations if you're the six where you might be in the ten position and vice versa. So yeah it's hard to say but wherever the opportunity kind comes up. I'll be willing to go into that position. Is that versatility. Is that almost something. Is that something that you feel.

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