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He's always daily. Anymore? Yeah. Doesn't matter. Anyway, he's like you can't go into Dunkin zone Danda having Indianapolis. Right. Once when when he they hit us now, it's true. It's like he wasn't totally wrong. Because all the franchise owned by Indians. Good old uncle Joe. Yeah. When when he announced he was running I was on vacation. But I cut the a ABC clip that somebody had retweeted from nineteen eighty seven when he had to drop out of his first presidential election plays where multiple of the plagiarism and the lying about being in the bottom half of his grad school class. When you he said he was in the top half of this cross the line. That's a real humble lie. He's actually very close to the bottom seventy fifth out of and so this this so in this in this little clip from seven Peter Jennings introduces don't know who the reporter was but both Peter Jennings. The reporter and Biden at various points. In the two minute clip. Are lamenting these troubled times of ours words, too, so easy to derail a presidential campaign based on you know, some wise. What is the discourse that was basically the unbelievable Peter Jennings? The death of a either a college dropout. Non grads are a Canadian graduate. And you see what happened to him? I'll tell you. Dinu? My new Joe show by his minute. Joe Biden is Peter Jennings. Eric swallow. Who is the Rhody of American politics? And by that, I mean, he's the guy not Jillian countermand. Yes. Rudy who desperately wants a small? Notre was just small. I thought he has movie wasn't just small. He also didn't have the greats. So Eric, Saul is a guy who doesn't have the physical stature or the intellectual fortitude to actually have or hold down any sort of respectable job and somehow managed to get himself elected to congress, and is now running for president every time he opens his mouth at wonder am I allowed to make fun of this, man? To make fun. He seems as though something is wrong as if he might be touch. Are we gonna can? Can I and I read the three to go. This is Anthony Fisher samples. Chain chain was ever ever. Context. We would I don't I don't want this chain every get anyone else's hands. Let's call the biting them. Yeah. The Chiang ching. Twelve chain. Eric Eric spot. Yeah. I'll explain. This is a street. Remember that time Pearl Harbor was bombed FDR called the emperor of Japan. At the time, the twin towers were stroke in Bush ringed Osama bin no, I don't either. So why real Donald Trump called Putin? After the molar report was released hashtag commander in cheats. Six. Berg swallow. He's not even qualified to be the waterboy. It's almost like a res wordy. Yeah. Phil Hartmann rendering those kind of looks like that he kind of looks like that. But it also the more of a slur, though, he has a slurp. But also the great thing about that. And is gonna go because at this point like that Sears is the dumbest shit I've ever read. You know, congratulations on bombing us. Muller reports like no collusion. Same same. Same thing to sack the same thing all the murdered people in a why I think that is that is actually the resistance perspective, though, that this is the most grievous attack on America since since last power prides manipulating American election, which is every American. Guys, guys know. Yeah, he you'll lost. That's it. You lost the to win the rents professional racket. Right. Why Why not? not like does not a grassroots underneath? You don't do. I'd be like, you know, what I had a bad at a bad experience. And I'm just gonna move forward. And we're gonna win it this time in a minute Farren square member. That's definitely didn't do visiting Wisconsin. Places that Obama was apparently, you know, secondhand sourcing. But if I'm apparently was very critical of Hillary Clinton's twenty sixteen campaign like like furious about actually afterwards like. Does he belong the he went?.

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