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Acapella. I guess you know what i mean. Ooh maybe you can get some live chat that can beat boxing. Come on beat box. That'd be fun. Drop written verse yeah. Sorry i've muted myself so that i would interfere <hes> <hes> yeah i was try- i guess what i'd have to because they're both over the same <hes> the same thing i can't <hes> i can't separate the the sounds but you could send something over to me and i'll stick that in place for the podcast take all right. I'll try to second. I don't know if there's an era questions now so let's see if we have any other questions. <hes> got about eight certain catholic traditions is claiming that he would we would've you don't want to bring him on because he would have refuted abso- won't like every week though yeah he he he likes come on especially when there's new people and he likes to say that no one's been able to refute him as week after week. He gets refuted at this this week though we didn't have to bring them on because he refuted himself which is beautiful. Maybe he's a hebrews light now. Let me bring andrew in here and andrews from down under he's from <hes> from australia down there so you got any questions for us tonight andrew. You have to meet yourself. This isn't like okay <hes>. I have had them somewhere. I took nuts yeah. Yeah yeah yeah my head. I think okay i'm not question i had the okay. Well no no problem andrew so so vocab. Is there anything the thing that you're working on anything that <hes> yes you'd wanna share with with folks about the different things that you might be having happening awesome awesome working on an article for the the christian research journal about the <hes> the way sorry. I'm working on an article about <hes> for the christian research about the <hes> <hes> way the here's the lights <hes> group you know different groups of people and how they how they come to that conclusion so so in the article i explain why they call chinese moa bites and why they call <hes> <hes> white people eat mites and that's supposed to be on the online edition creature christian research journal..

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