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Didn't get to put down. Yeah. That was an awful stoppage for a man who has never been stopped. Yeah, you let him touch the lease and get the get the hate. What? He just got rocked, man. He was fine. He was finally let him go down if that's what the case. You don't stop a fight there soon. Now Gary Antoine, what Russell, I believe is 17 and O 17 knockouts. He's a good fighter. He's a little reckless. He comes in charge of me and he dives in. He leads with his head a lot. There is a lot of opportunities for your opponents is going to take advantage of him. I wasn't fast enough, didn't have the power. Long in the 238, he couldn't take advantage of thought. A thought poster would be a much more difficult puzzle to solve. But Gary stone, we also was like an engine that just wouldn't stop going. I think somebody said he reminded them of a poor man Sean Porter, just not as technically sound, like he was just plumb rushing him. But the stoppage was terrible. I was so disgusted with that stoppage. But it is what it is. Gary and Charles whistle get another big fight. I just don't know how good he is. The stop is just huge, don't get me wrong, but he's going to be a champion this year. I'll tell you that. Because now with Josh Taylor, he's pretty much said those his last fight at one 40. He will vacate the belts. They will disperse and I don't see how when over post album does not set them up to be ranked number one and fight for a title and one of these divisions. And I just don't know how good he is. So you look at it. I don't know José Ramírez who fights this weekend. You look at a guy like thiel fema Lopez, who I expect to come in and if there's one thing, guaranteed in this world is that the WBC loves them some TO female Lopez. So I wouldn't be surprised to see him fighting for that belt immediately. I won 40. Maybe, so that's Ramirez, tio female. Gary, and I'd say we just progress, probably a line to fight for the other one. Now they sign with you. I don't think Gary and John Russell is going to be a champion this year. I don't think that's coming. I think the pro style was just champion not too long. It was long enough ago, and at one 49. Four years ago, but he's fought for the title three times 6 or twice since dark. And I don't think you'll be a champion. I don't think you'll be a champion this year. Nah. And if he does fight, if he steps up, he might get stopped. He's way too reckless for my liking. No, I mean, he could get stopped. To me in a unification though, I feel like he can beat the next guy. Like, if he has to. Don't think so. Don't think so. He be posted all again, post-ops older, I don't think he's that good to be a champion this year. He's got to show me more. Defensively, he's not great. No, I mean, again, though. Now we got to talk about like, how good is one 40? If Josh Taylor was pushed to this limit, how good is one 40 to be fair? I mean, it's still good. Like Howard. I mean, Reese's progress is still a very good fighter. José Ramírez is still a very good fighter. Josh Taylor, I mean, he had a bad night, but he's going on to 47. But 40 still a very strong division. I don't think I don't think it's weak by any stretch of the imagination. So let's see. I'm looking at the rankings right now. Yeah, he wouldn't be pushed up in any of the rankings yet. Odd. Nah. So because only because Victor pulsar was ranked highest in the WBC, but we have the PETA versus Ramirez. Wanted to win the WBC. So that's pretty much going to determine the WBC champion. Right there. And then WBA is Alberto puerta versus Israel Barroso? Listen, fam, I don't, I don't know why any of them. And then we just probably grace will probably be IBS, go for the IVF title versus Ponce, and then cataract and deal female Lopez are one and two in the wbl. Yeah. Jared Sean was saying being those guys right now. He'd be numb nuts. Not a person I mentioned, so. Man, it's going to be tough. This weekend, again, just looking through the schedule real quick, touch on it. José Ramírez versus Jose pedraza. José Ramírez tried to bounce back. I expect him to win this. You know, for Joss was a great recently, but I spent José Ramírez to be who he was before, you know, getting starched by Josh Taylor. Yeah, definitely. And then no shocker. We have chocolatito. Martinez, that's gonna be a good fight. Animal at the lighter with us. You talk about 400 punches landing. This is why it's gonna be crazy. Yeah, chocolate be the fight of the year. This is a fighter year candidate on paper. And I expect oh, absolutely. There's no way this doesn't deliver. The defense will be at a minimum. This flight, defense optional. I can't see this fight going any other way, but just hands me and thrown. This is going to be a fun ass fight. And it sucks, I'm gonna be watching it while octagon side for UFC because I am watching this fight. Ain't no way I missed this. I'm gonna be doing the same because I'll be covering UFC, but I gotta keep an eye on this fight. And make sure I get coverage up for ringside, 'cause this is gonna be a war. It's going to be an amazing fight between two guys who are very well respected and a lighter weight classes. And then it comes down to when is chocolate Tito shop warn? I don't know. We thought he punches. We thought he wasn't going to Visa. And that wasn't the case. We were wrong. It ended up he just went up too high. Yeah, so I don't know, man. He takes a lot of punches. I don't like the punches that he takes. But Martinez, can you give a lot of punches? Oh yeah. Oh yeah. There's going to be. There's going to be a lot of fish flying. And it throws a wrench in the entire entire division. Absolutely. 100%. There is no clear advantage to talking about I can see this fight going either way. I just know it's going to be a good satisfying. That's all I know. Never go back down to flyweight if he wins this shit. So it's going to be a fun, these are, again, he's on a hardcore fight fans fights this weekend. But we're gearing up for a huge slate during the month. And these are fun. These are the fun weekends that we get before we get into the big marquee fights, which are coming, you know, march 19th, weekend. We have four 5 car 5 fight cards. No, I can't count 6. Dre,.

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