Donald Trump, Plague, New York discussed on Alex Jones Infowars


These are the people that shoulder south of foreign secret multinational combines these are the people that deindustrialized the country that gave the panama canal of the chaika arms flooded open borders shed they wanted to get rid of our sovereignty i mean these people are the plague when it comes to sovereignty prosperity and then they shit there the daughter of a famous evil wizard a big name was in ski literally a political demon who engineered much of the modern world order and then you've got morning joe up there with all his skeletons in his closet all his boll and all his no ratings and and and and the joked that he is telling us that trump was arrogant and trump didn't care about the little people and trump came into dc by it was flyover country she they know trump went the flyover country he loves flyover country he empowered flyover country so everything is scientifically ally shaving against flyover country compare de sita grass roots common people and this big outta town her but came in big fancy new yorker trump's family came into new york and tech but just like they came into dc and kick but but again they take all of trump's strength and turn them around in the witnesses that's why it takes me so long ago over a collection a garbage like that nickel brzezinski and morning joe joe scarborough are to take a terms from lord trump they are a pile of garbage.

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