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To do that. Please welcome the woman who sweeping beverly hills in the nation. Kathy hilton. this is probably the second tiniest place. Tonight's bartender is occupied after kathy's womb over the bars kathy's daughter nikki russia and i'm beyond thrilled to be joined by live audiences again but if the woman in the front row gets to rowdy i might have to say. Goodbye my richardson. The i want to start out with a super shady. Poll tau goto. Wwafl dot tv. Tell us who is your favorite richard sister. Kathy l. i. Cathy who's going to win this one. You think i know okay well. By the way. Cathy i heard you flew commercial to join us tonight. I appreciate that after. You sent the plane. Did i send the way. I mean the plane was there but i thank you for that effort. And thank you for sending me with my husband and my wife crystal actually even took care of the baggage. Lifted the mike. Wow wasn't anybody there. So she was like who's handling us. I'm well guess what kathy hilton. One year poll tonight. I.

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