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Should be more carefully scrutinized than they are at at the moment i do not because you know the experience has not shown any reason to change. What's happening the engineering societies. You we are all licensed engineers or the state has got a very stringent requirements for licensing. So we the practicing engineers here in houston reasonably competent. They have and there's been no signs of anything that would raise alarm bells that you have really concern yourself first thing. I would say that. Even the building. Florida you gotta remember that. The number of buildings that have collapsed in the united states of very very few and far between most of them that have collapsed have collapsed during construction Building this age Not collapse just because of the age. Because maybe there's some deterioration for whatever reason and when you see those signs of deterioration that's when you ought to Blow the alarm bells and swan. Dr joe colosio is a professor at the. Gerald hines college of architecture and design at the.

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