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Plans are in the works for home of the us. space command. fox's brown reports. This is the year that reinvigorates space command. The main operations arm of the us space force. It will be given a new permanent home space. Command is what used to be called strategic command and is currently headquartered at peterson air force base colorado but peterson is now competing with other installations in florida new mexico nebraska and texas for the commands new home to candidate locations and florida have already had names changed. What used to be called patrick. Air force base is now patrick space for space and the nearby historic cape canaveral. Air force station is now cape canaveral space force station. Eban brown fox news three families an olive branch. Tennessee are mourning the deaths of loved ones from his shooting. Fox thirty memphis. Tony sloan reports. It's an emotional time for the family and friends of three people lost a gun violence an olive branch friday morning for thirteen years. Learn that one of the victims is john sutherland. He died in the morning of his thirty second birthday. He leaves behind a three year old son who was scheduled to spin his birthday with on friday. Neighbors an olive branch left flowers at the scene of where the shooting happened. According to the olive branch police department twenty six road ivan. Rodriguez drove from his home in cordova. More than thirty minutes to olive branch before the shooting neighbors thing it's a nightmare to hear that someone who live in their neighborhood may be responsible for the shooting. Death of three people rendering his is being charged with three counts of first degree. Murder is being held without bond and digital currency. Bitcoin extended its record smashing rally today starting the year with a surge over thirty thousand dollars for the first time. More traders investors believe. Bitcoin will become a mainstream payment method. It grew by more than three hundred percent in two thousand and twenty. I'm joe chiro. Fox news never prosecuted or wrote on by jury but was trumpeted by the federal government and the media. As if it were proven fact. The maryland court held these indictments for almost five years poisoning. Ross's case and leaving him under a cloud of unproven allegations as explained enrolls appeal to the supreme court. The fact that the judge used these allegations to give her all say draconian sentence of double life without parole violated his sixth amendment. Right to a jury. Trial judges are required to issue. Senate this based on convictions. Decided by a jury not unproven. Allegations never even charged trial. Although this is a positive development that dropped indictment will not set. Ross free now. A presidential pardon is ross. His only hope of freedom sign the petition at free. Ross dot org free rawls dot org a surprise announcement this morning. Us deputy surgeon general. Greg pulse stated that quote. It's fine to smoke cigarettes if you only smoke. While drinking the deputy surgeon general is called the press conference to discuss the shocking findings which began just moments ago. Let's go line to that now. Particular study this report was based on the net net. Determination was made after considering that someone who only smokes when a bars or parties ends up smoking maybe fifteen cigarettes month or regular. Smokers are smoking one hundred and fifty to two hundred cigarettes each week so we feel that. It's just obvious there's long you actually buy the cigarettes. And you only smoked them. All consuming the alcohol than the risks of getting lung cancer basically mostly negligible just commonsense. This announcement comes on the heels of the surgeon. General's last announcement that drinking and driving is fine if you ate a want that day or if it's a route you take all the time sober moving. On.

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