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On and also cnn political analyst by the way anybody at a thought on that i mean i'm so quick to dump by like oh well who i think like a rob uh james who will these sleazy creatures that always come up with uh you know the the earthquake was the result of god's attitude towards gays and the like where was a we had a long hand clamping yeah we had right are yet a woman ever i'm so quick to dump i'm people when they say that so i hate this 'cause i like nancy but i got a dump on that too for nancy to say god is with us on this it's like okay you the vote that the democrats are you don't like god take your pick l eight oh a ten that's the number eight away to away ten and by the way i'm wither i am i'm four daca but i'm not gonna use the argument that god is with us on this i don't think i'd really took aside for the children auto body traffic deaths northbound six a new wreck reported in concord it looks like it's a one car into the centre divide there it may be partially blocking the left hand lane again northbound succeed to forty two and emergency crews rumble laid out of better news is that for continuing up in the fairfield that too serious crash north of goldfields been cleared and traffic is already recovered so that stretch between the benicia bridge and crew delia looking pretty good northbound nimit said between sixty six th avenue and fifth avenue still quite slow into downtown oakland northbound one on one of the south they is improve but expect this kind of heavy going off and on from sjc heading up into sunnyvale and because of an earlier stalwart again backed up into the maize 580 slow from twenty four.

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Political Analyst, Nancy, Concord discussed on Ronn Owens

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