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More than the rest of the governing body just called me to tell me Come get it outta boy. Don't credit if it was me that wouldn't regret it that we were dead. And now they won't get it. Yeah. Participate in my deleted that got a little at a car needed to talk with him, spilling the tea and shot. He came back and said she didn't mean it. It's hard to believe it. I know that they had the crib gone crazy down bed with they had didn't last damn baby such as we laugh. Sometimes we drive, but I guess you know now. Baby. That's a good half a sheet at all things slow down. Baby baby. We tell the truth. Now we are your blood, and it's like a ghost town. Babe. Mhm. Wedding when they said they join artist not big boy's neighborhood. The all new room nights booked three baby I own and there is no dark Cuando Mary. I am And then our day outside day all day. Why they make I get a barren dwelling Me, baby then also throw King by lodging. No, no, they I'm a bad Those adult was a bull guard. Even the lower body like the little Denmark die. Yeah, that's our body, Not by your level anymore, but all I mean, come on, Tina, My bungalow. He's a breath of the bongo. Is he do? Men right on the ship will meet the Lubango. September thought I'm missing. Think thinking. Look, I want me moment. Cuando mother, you don't learn my girls are gonna wanna My God got above a good thought of me whereby? I don't know. So throw up your model. Oh, no, not the mob of money. And then I woke out. Say she. What room at the Wizard Falcao. No, it's not open the Sonora photo Pandora, but more basing. I lost some people for a O, Uh Was the downfall of Cora. Two years up to daughter but all that I will have no more thought to depart. The love and the control. Maybe I think you know my bongo. He's incredible Bongo on the Super me that that's a damn lie. Hello, gaily And the only I I only.

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