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Kenny volun- said. Hopefully he'll get better hate to hear anything like that especially with the ticker pittsburgh. Gm ron hextall said of gunning malcolm is gonna miss the first two months of the season so said in gino bulfield dot obviously keep note of that began when corner league starts berry. Can i hop in here. Quick again talk wit word. Is pittsburgh goal from here. Like i'm not saying. Hit the panic button button by any regards. Like that's a very very difficult division now like even new jersey's not a push over a good start to the season is going to be very important. So they're out with said who they said. He's gonna miss mac six weeks and then they got genaro lineup thankfully ended up trading for jeff carter. Who's going to be strength at center in their absence. But like like do you think they're gonna make playoffs ashir. I don't know it could be a real struggle for them. And i actually read some tweets from raw rossi. Who's a he's been on. The penguins like bead and pittsburgh sports for twenty years. Now i think and he said there prospect pipeline is absolutely bone-dry is said there's not much there and so i don't really know i mean this is what happens when you have such good team for so long. If sydney gino on the lineup. Everything's a different story. But with them out. Are they going to be able to win. Games in unreal to score at all so it. They're going to need goaltending and team defense until they get those guys back. Even jeff carter. It's off enough right. If he's up there alone. I line center and then after that you're mixing and matching guys who never really played that role so i i was on the mark man show and he asked me that exact question that are they gonna make playoffs and like where do they go from here. Mind you the year. They ended up winning. I wanna say their second cup. La- tang was injured. They did not have a at least on paper very good background. I think doom lynn might have been their best defender. That was when ian call had a big big playoff run but what they did is they. Got goaltending from murray. Let's see what jari can do. I i love a comeback story. Did not have another playoff last year. But if they're able to keep afloat and then they get. Sid gino and carter at third line center. I mean that's kind of kind of what they had when they won that second second cup so i guess you can never count them out. But i mean this is. The years are dwindling here for their for their window. So like darren drager said crosby. the avalanche. much y'all's mike kaufman. He filled his physical as well. He could be up to four weeks. Of course he sent three thirteen point. Five million dollars montreal so they wanna get healthy so you can get paid washington. They unveiled the first. Nhl jersey with an ad on it. it's not gonna take effect until next year they're going to have The rival gambling company will be on the home jerseys their arrival companies. So we're not going to hit an name but they they're gonna have a logo on the right above the right titi. But they're the first team to acknowledge having advertisements on the jersey. So that's why we're reporting it. That's all i said above the ray titi because teams pollock. They might have diagnosed so they don't know each team's going to be able to decide where the ad is to be like three by three and a half inches. It's gotta be the hero here. So i'm like the rangers where the diagonal letter and you know. We'll have to go on the opposite side. Get rid of the spoke. Be for the bruins. We can get an extra fifty k. If you just put the ad in the middle of the chest. Don't worry about the logo in one last one before we send it over to robin leno. the cross-check enrolls it's one of these situations. Where the league's like. Oh we're going to crack down on it and it basically just sounds like they're gonna enforce rules that have already been on the books for the last one hundred years. I dunno if you guys remember the lockout in two thousand five all they did was just call the the rules that were already on the books in just enforced a lot more so it just seems like that's all they're going to do as our crowley so they're going to enforce it in preseason and after weeks of the season it's going to be back to normal i think i honestly think ben emphasizing this rule going in has everything to do with mayfield taken out one of kucherov ribs in that conference final just. There's no consistent standard paul way like some game. Some guys hit a guy to three four times. Nothing happens and the retaliation gets called. All a guy hits the second one third of there's just no consistency on it. So i think if you call that first fucking crosscheck guys are going to adapt you know i. I think i mean sixteen years later right when they when they cracked down on all the obstruction holden an obstruction hook. And anytime guy takes his stick off. I'm sorry his hand office stick in the offensive zone and grabs a guy. It's an automatic penalty. I think it's pretty much. The last fifteen years ref automatically once a guy puts his open hand on a guy. and ideally. that's what we'll see. We'll cross-check man. That i won by the book should be a fucking penalty. call it. yeah. I think ever since they took the can opener away i feel like that was like the next wave of how guys defended and wit. Correct me if i'm wrong. When guys are going what a defenseman especially going down on a ford in the corner. They usually try to get there. I think their hands are too far apart on the stick. They're fairly close but they try to. Just kind of get them right. Net hip area in order to throw his hips off in order to contain him and eventually gained possession or puck. Is that something that you used to do. No i would reach in and try to get the puck. But i i know what you're saying but they do not going on talk way more but in terms of trying to maintain a guy to where you keep them in front of you and keep them in the corner. Little crosschecks with your hands together can certainly knock a off-balance not the best players in the world. But i think you're better off getting your stick on the ice trying to get you know. Get it whether it's through. His legs then can be a trip or around him. Skies are so good. Now that when you do throw those little crush they can kinda spin off your and if your sticks in the air in my opinion that way is never going to do the job because you can't even have a Luckily deflect off your sick of the guys trying to make a pass if you've got a parallel to the ice and you're cross checking a guy in the back now saying that though you do see it a lot as far as i know. Defend that way right. so what. You're saying sticks on pox. Stick on pox pucks in deep bucks on that yeah biz. They've said stricter enforcement designed to promote offense and reduce injuries. So i mean if the reps consistent and calling it like you mean they don't want the guys pissing blood. Nah only if they're seventeen million over the cap all right boys teasing for a little bit here. Vegas golden night. Goaltender robin leonard. But before we get to him. I wanna let you know that this interview is brought to you by cross country mortgage cross country mortgages much like us at basel a people i group.

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